X-Cart Shipping Solution


Shipping module for your X-Cart postage label printing needs

VIPparcel is happy to be able to provide their discounted postage for international and domestic postage with the USPS by partnering with X-Cart. All you have to do is download the X-Cart module, set up your FREE VIPparcel account and you will be ready to print all of your postage with the USPS. X-Cart is well known for providing merchants an open-source platform that is flexible and allows the merchant to customize for their needs. VIPparcel makes it possible for your desired savings on shipping to be transferred right over to X-Cart without any hassle or problems.

X-Cart and VIPparcel shipping solution integration features:

  • Wide range of USPS parcel shipping services at discounted rates
  • Linking and importing X-Cart shipping data in just a few clicks
  • Browser-based postage printing service for reliability
  • Built-in USPS automatic tracking system
  • PayPal accepted among other methods of payment

How to print shipping labels using X-Cart and VIPparcel

It’s easy to get started: Just download X-Cart and search the marketplace of modules of VIPparcel. Once you find it, just download it, set up your FREE account and link it with X-Cart. You are now ready to print all of your international and domestic postage without any problems. Try it out! We guarantee you will love the savings on all of your postage!

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