Minimum "Add Funds" Amount Lowered

As a part of VIPparcel commitment to provide our users with easy, affordable, and efficient shipping, we are excited to announce a reduction in the minimum amount to add fund to your account. It means that now users can add $10 to a shipping account with any payment method such as Paypal, Bitcoin, or any major credit card to buy and print USPS domestic and international postage.


VIPparcel brings value shipping and USPS discounts to everyone. Users are printing USPS postage via VIPparcel online shipping solution for its easy-to-use website that enables to access a shipping account from any device without a need to download and install any software. VIPparcel users are already benefiting by saving money and time on shipping cost. Large companies with multiple sub-accounts, small businesses owners, and individual shippers are all taking advantage of up to 20% savings on USPS international shipping rates for USPS Priority Mail International, and USPS Priority Express Mail International.


We value our small business owner-users and making the needed minimum balance adjustment is to make USPS discounted rates more accessible to small volume shippers. VIPparcel will continue to offer zero-cost online postage printing service with the best possible USPS discounts and provide the best customer support for individuals and businesses of all the sizes.

Posted on October 22, 2016