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How can VIPparcel save me money?

VIPparcel is a USPS Postal Qualified Wholesaler (PQW). This rare designation means we are specialists in global shipping AND we are able to pass on deeply discounted postage and shipping rates to our customers. You will receive the same dependable service from the USPS, but at reduced rates. Unlike other providers, VIPparcel does not charge monthly, sign up, or equipment fees—simply pay for the discounted postage you use. We think our online shipping solutions provide customers with the simplest, easiest, and most economical way to purchase and print USPS postage and shipping labels at discounted rates.


How much does VIPparcel cost?

At VIPparcel, you pay only for the postage you use. There are no sign up fees, monthly charges, or equipment rentals. Simply pay-as-you-print and receive discounted USPS domestic and international postage and shipping rates.


How does VIPparcel make shipping efficient and simple?

VIPparcel customers can perform all essential mailing and shipping functions, such as selecting postage options, printing labels, buying added insurance, scheduling pick ups, tracking, and more, all in one digital hub with a few mouse clicks.


What are VIPparcel's discounted rates on USPS postage and shipping?

VIPparcel provides significant savings on USPS postage and shipping to every customer, regardless of the volume of their mailing and shipping. Check out our Shipping and Postage Calculator to see how much you’ll save using VIPparcel’s deeply discounted domestic and international rates.

Do I have to buy or rent any equipment to print shipping labels?

No. Simply print postage using any inkjet, laser, thermal or LED printer. VIPparcel is the perfect alternative to postage meters. 

We recommend printing a free test label before purchasing your online postage.


How can I create a VIPparcel account?

You can create a free VIPparcel account in minutes. Sign up here.

1.    Fill in all the required fields, then click “CREATE ACCOUNT.”
2.    Look for an email confirmation in your email inbox. Once you click the confirm button, you will be required to confirm your phone number. 
3.    Within a few minutes, you will receive a 4-digit phone verification code to the phone number you entered in the application. 
4.    Enter the phone verification code.
5.    VIPparcel will send you a welcome email. At this point, load funds into your account ($50 minimum) and you are ready to print your discounted USPS postage and shipping labels.

Note: VIPparcel does not require a credit card or payment information when you create your account. However, you will not be able to buy and print shipping labels before you enter your payment method information.

What discounted USPS postage and shipping services are offered by VIPparcel?

VIPparcel offers discounts on the following USPS domestic and international postage and shipping:

Domestic Mail Classes:

International Mail Classes:


What is USPS Package Pickup?

USPS Package Pickup is a service provided for your convenience. Select “Package Pickup” from our menu of options to schedule your shipment to be picked up next day or any other day you wish to send it out. Package Pickup is free when shipping with Priority Mail Express International®, Priority Mail International®, First-Class Package Service International®, Priority Mail Express®, Priority Mail®, and First-Class Package Service®, when picked up by a postal service employee on a regular USPS delivery route. 

How do I schedule a USPS Package Pickup?

Save time by scheduling USPS Package Pickup service right from our website. This service is free when shipping with Priority Mail Express International®, Priority Mail International®, First-Class Package Service International®, Priority Mail Express®, Priority Mail®, and First-Class Package Service®. 

1. Click on the “Package Pickup” tab.
2. Fill out the address information where your packages should be picked up.
3. You will see a list of packages that are eligible for pickup. Select the proper packages from this list.
4. Enter any additional instructions.
5. Send your request.

You will receive a Package Pickup request ID. Use this confirmation number if you need to make changes, cancel your USPS Package Pickup service, or contact USPS if you have any issues with your requested pick up. 

What are the accepted payment methods to purchase my discount online postage?

VIPparcel accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, PayPal, and Bitcoin.


How do I link my credit card to my VIPparcel account?

Your security is our top priority. When you link a new card to your VIPparcel account, we follow a verification process to ensure your card’s security. 

Detailed instructions may be found here.

1. From the “ACCOUNT” menu, under “$ Finance” on the left side, click on “Credit Cards.”
2. Fill out the required fields and click “Submit.”
3. VIPparcel will send two charges between $0.01 and US $5.00 in order to verify your account. After your card is confirmed, those two test charges will be deposited into your VIPparcel account. Any unconfirmed transactions will be refunded back to the credit card provided. 
4. The charged amounts appear as two transactions from VIPparcel Co on your card statement. 
5. To verify your card with us, enter those amounts in two separate fields and click “Verify.” Note, you have three attempts and 24 hours to complete your credit card confirmation. 
6.  Once you have confirmed the test amounts with us, we will approve your card.

If VIPparcel is unable to charge your card, or if the entered amounts do not match the charges, you will be asked to provide new card information.

Why do you require a minimum balance of $50 in my account?

VIPparcel requires a $50 minimum deposit into an account before postage and shipping labels can be created and printed. This allows us to provide you with the best USPS rates while reducing our bank charges to process transactions.
Unlike other online shipping solutions, VIPparcel does not charge any additional fees for accessing our discounted postage rates.
100% of your deposited funds will be applied toward your postage purchases.

How can I get an account balance refunded?

Should you need to have your account balance refunded for any reason, send an email to [email protected] and include the following information:

  1. Your VIPparcel account ID or USER name.
  2. The amount from your account balance you wish to get refunded.

Once we receive your email, we will process your refund within 48 business hours to your most recently used payment method.

Please note: Depending on your bank, it might take up to 5 business days for the returned funds to appear on your bank statement.

How do I reprint a label?

You can reprint any label, free of charge, by going to the “Parcel History” tab within 72 hours of creating it.

Select a label and click “print”. You can reprint the same label numerous times. 

Please note:  If you have paid for and printed a label but have entered “ship to”, “ship from”, weight, or shipping service incorrectly, you cannot adjust anything on the label when reprinting it. If an error has been made, please request a USPS postage refund and create an entirely new label with the correct information. 

How can I get a refund for a label?

To get a refund on your unused, discounted USPS postage, please follow these steps:

1. Make sure the USPS shipping label is eligible for a refund:

  • The USPS label was purchased within the last 15 days.
  • The USPS label was not scanned by a mail carrier.

2. Log in to your VIPparcel account and go to the “More” dropdown tab; select “Refund Request.”
3. Fill out the form and click “Submit.”
4. Within 2 to 4 weeks, you will receive an email notification from VIPparcel on the status of your request. Please note: Because the USPS processes your request, VIPparcel cannot shorten the timeline.
5. Upon approval by the USPS, the refunded amount is instantly added to the balance on your VIPparcel account. 

For more details, read: Postage Refund Policy 

What is a SCAN Form?

A SCAN Form, or USPS Shipment Confirmation Acceptance Notice, is a single document with a master barcode that includes the information about multiple packages sent at one time. Using SCAN forms can save a lot of time, as the postal carrier only needs to scan a single barcode instead of scanning barcodes on every package in the shipment.

Once this master barcode is scanned, it automatically registers all of the shipment’s package labels into the USPS system, so you can now track the status of all of your packages.  

USPS SCAN Form Restrictions:

  1. All shipping labels associated with a SCAN Form must have the same Mailing Date and must be mailed on the same day the shipping labels are printed. 
  2. A shipping label can only be associated with one SCAN Form.
  3. All shipping labels associated with the same SCAN Form must be mailed from the same ZIP Code and at the same time.
  4. Updates or changes cannot be made once the SCAN Form has been printed. 

How do I create a SCAN Form?

Once you are finished printing all labels for your shipment and you are ready for USPS pick up or drop off, you can create a SCAN Form to save time and prepare your packages for tracking.

To print a SCAN Form:

  1. Select the “SCAN Form” tab on the menu.
  2. The SCAN Form is automatically generated and includes all shipping labels that were printed during the day, before 5:00 pm. Please note, any labels printed after 5:00 pm will be included on a separate SCAN Form for the next day. You can create more than one SCAN Form a day.
  3. Make sure a SCAN Form does not contain labels for which you will be requesting a refund. You can manually deselect such shipping labels from the SCAN Form. Once a SCAN Form is printed, the USPS will not approve a refund request on any of the labels it includes. 
  4. Click "Print".
  5. Include the SCAN Form with your package shipment. 

Is VIPparcel available for customers outside the U.S.?

Yes!  Anyone can print USPS discount postage and shipping labels, even if you are not living in the US. We offer a separate, global shipping program to our international customers. To learn more, please visit

Still need help?

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