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What is VIPparcel?

VIPparcel is a FREE online shipping solution providing users with a simple way to purchase and print USPS shipping labels at discounted rates.



In 2015, VIPparcel was recognized by USPS with The Mail Technology Award at the National Postal Forum for its best practices to accommodate customers with an optimal technology in shipping solutions.

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How much does VIPparcel cost? is absolutely free to use for your shipping convenience. You will never be asked to pay any membership fees, monthly fees, label printing service fees, or other hidden fees. You can cancel your account at any time.


What features does VIPparcel provide to make shipping efficient and simple?

We are constantly evolving and taking all feedback to make our web-based software fit everyone’s shipping needs. The user’s management panel includes essential functionals to create labels and scan forms, overview shipments history, schedule packages pick up, and link a shipping account to major marketplaces.  

A user has many other features to make shipping process convenient, such as XML batch upload, a full address book, balance history, sub-accounts management, refund request form, and many more.

It is easy to get around the website with just a few clicks. If VIPparcel has not yet had a feature to users shipping needs specifics, then we quickly build it upon a request.  The goal is to make your labels printing service pleasant and quick.


What are the VIPparcel rates on USPS shipping?

VIPparcel provides significant savings on USPS shipping costs to every signed up user.

For Business accounts: 

We will be happy to create a customized shipping discount plan for your business needs.
Call us at 1-844-PARCEL5 
   For Personal Accounts:

If you are occasionally shipping via USPS, we got you life-long discounts+convinience you will not find anywhere! 

VIPparcel is a leader in USPS international shipping discounts. That is why our USPS Priority Mail International, USPS Priority Mail Express International, and 
USPS First Class Mail International rates are the cheapest on the market. VIPparcel offers
10% off USPS Priority Mail International and 15% off USPS Priority Mail Express International. 

VIPparcel also offers significant discounts on USPS domestic shipping to every user. However, upon your request, we overview your account volume to lower your shipping costs even more. 
Use Postage Calculate to estimate how much you are saving with VIPparcel. 


Do I have to buy or rent any equipment to print shipping labels?

VIPparcel is an alternative to postage meters in shipping labels printing. No special equipment needed to print USPS postage via VIPparcel. Users can print postage with using any inkjet, laser and LED printers. VIPparcel supports thermal printers technology as well. 

We recommend testing printer settings and printing a FREE test label to check how it is going to look on paper before paying for your online postage. 


How to Create VIPparcel Account?

Whether you need a cheaper shipping option to send packages to friends and family, or you are a business owner looking for a better shipping solution to automize the shipping process and save on shipping costs, it will take you a few minutes to create a VIPparcel account. 

To sign up with VIPparcel follow these steps: 

1.    Click Sign up button on the top right corner from any of pages.
2.    In a new page “Create an Account” fill all the required fields and click create an account.
3.    Look for an email confirmation in your email inbox. Once you click confirm button, you will be required to confirm your phone number. 
4.    Within a few minutes, you will receive a 4-digit phone verification code to the phone number you entered in the application. 
5.    Enter the phone verification code.
6.    VIPparcel will send you a welcome email. You can just click create a label to start saving on shipping.

Note: VIPparcel does not require a credit card when you sign up. However, you will not be able to buy and print shipping labels before you manage your payment methods settings.

What USPS shipping services VIPparcel offers?

Once you are logged into a VIPparcel account, you can create a USPS label to ship via the following methods:

Domestic Mail Classes:

International Mail Classes:

*Please Note: only an authorized business can resell USPS services. Never accept USPS postage that is sent to you through e-mails or scans.


What is USPS Package Pickup?

USPS Package Pickup is a service for your convenience. You can schedule a package to be picked up for next day or any other day you wish it to send out. Package Pickup is free as long as you ship Priority Mail Express International®, Priority Mail International®, First-Class Package Service International®, and Priority Mail Express®, Priority Mail®, First-Class Package Service®  and picked up by a postal service employee on a regular USPS delivery route. 


How to schedule USPS Package Pickup?

You have packed your shipment and printed USPS shipping label. Now, your package is ready to be shipped. Save your time from driving to the Post Office and standing in lines just to drop off your parcels. 

1. Click on the “Package Pickup” tab on your management panel.
2. Fill out the address information from where you wish to get your packages picked up
3. Select packages from the list of eligible for pick up shipping labels.
4. Enter additional instructions to indicate where to look for your shipments.
5. Send a request.

You will receive a Package Pickup request id. This confirmation number is provided if you need to make changes or cancel your USPS Package Pickup service, or to contact USPS if you have any issues with the requested pick up. 


What are the accepted payment methods to pay for USPS postage?

Payment Types: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover card, Paypal, and Bitcoin are accepted.


How to Link a Card to VIPparcel Account?

Your security is our top priority. When you link a new card to VIPparcel account, we follow a verification process to secure your financial information on our website. 

Steps to link a new card:

1. Click “Add Card.”
2. Fill out the required fields, and click “Submit.”
3. VIPparcel will send two charges between $0.01 and US $5.00 (After the card is confirmed, those two amounts will be deposited to your VIPparcel account; unconfirmed transactions will be refunded back to the credit card). 
4. The charged amounts appear as two transactions from VIPparcelCo on your card statement. 
5. To verify your card, enter those amounts in two separate fields, and click “Verify.” Note, you have three attempts and 24 hours for a card confirmation. 
6.  Our system will confirm the entered amounts, match the amount VIPparcel charged, and then approve the card.
If VIPparcel is unable to charge your card, or if the entered amounts do not match with the charges, you will be asked to provide a new card information.

Why is there a ” minimum $10 “add funds” requirement?

VIPparcel requires a $10 minimum deposit into an account before paying for created shipping labels. Such transaction minimum is imposed to maintain our free service to provide the best USPS postage rates while reducing our bank charges to process transactions.
Unlike using other shipping solutions, at VIPparcel you will not pay any fees for postage printing service and receive deep discounts on USPS shipping rates.
When a user adds funds to VIPparcel account, the amount will be applied towards the postage purchase.

How to get an account balance refunded?

Either you have accidently added too much money on your balance or decided to close your VIPparcel account; it is easy to get your money back. 

Just send an email to [email protected] including the following information:

  1. VIPparcel account ID or USER name.
  2. Amount from your account balance you wish to get refunded.

Once we receive your email,  we will process your refund within 48 hours to your most recently used payment method.

Note: Depending on your bank, it might take up to 5 business days for the returned funds to appear on your bank statement.



How to reprint a label if something went wrong?

Reprints are FREE and available under “Parcel History” tab on the menu panel within 72 hours since a label was created.

Select a label and click “print”. You can reprint the same label numerous times. 

Note:  If you entered “ship to”, “ship from”, weight, or shipping service incorrectly, you cannot adjust anything on already paid and printed label to reprint it. Please request a USPS postage refund, and create an entirely new label with accurate information. 

How to get a refund for a label?

Refund a USPS postage via VIPparcel is easy. Just follow the steps:

1. Make sure a USPS shipping label is eligible for a refund.

  • The USPS label has been purchased within last 15 days.
  • The USPS label was not scanned by a mail carrier.

2. Log in to your VIPparcel account and click on a tab “request a refund.”
3. Fill out the form and click submit
4. Within 2 to 4 weeks you will receive an email notification from VIPparcel water USPS has accepted your refund request. 
5. The refunded amount is instantly added to the balance on your VIPparcel account. 

For more details, read: Postage Refund Policy 

What is a SCAN Form?

A SCAN Form (stands for Shipment Confirmation Acceptance Notice) is a single document with a master barcode that includes the information about multiple shipments sent at once. Scan Form feature facilitates the convenience of expedited packages pick up/drop off process between a shipper and a VIPparcel or USPS employee. Once a post officer scans a single barcode, it automatically registers all the labels in USPS system, and updates each shipment status and tracking.  

SCAN Form Restrictions:

  1. All shipping labels associated with a SCAN form must have the same Mailing Date and mailed on that date. 
  2. Shipping labels printed on one day, but mailed as of next day, cannot be combined in the same SCAN form as the shipping labels with a current day Mailing Date.
  3. A shipping label can only be associated with a single SCAN form.
  4. All shipping labels associated with the same SCAN form must be mailed from the same ZIP Code and at the same time.


How to create a SCAN Form?

Once you are done printing all labels and ready to get all mails picked up by USPS or drop them off at a local post office, create a SCAN form to save time on extra paperwork and scanning each package separately.

Printing a SCAN Form takes less then a minute:

  1. Click on the “SCAN Form” tab on your management panel.
  2. SCAN Form is already automatically generated from the number of shipping labels printed on the same day before 5.00 pm. Labels printed after 5.00 pm will be included a separate SCAN Form for the next day shipping. You can create more than one SCAN Form a day.
  3. Make sure a SCAN Form does not contain labels that you wish to request a refund for;  You can manually deselect such shipping labels from the SCAN Form. Once a SCAN Form is printed, USPS will not approve a refund request on any of the labels in it. 
  4. Click "Print".
  5. Hand your packages along with the SCAN form to a VIPparcel or USPS employee to scan a barcode and record USPS shipments’ acceptance. 

Is VIPparcel available for customers outside the U.S.?


We believe that no matter what part of the world you live in, we do our best in bringing you the benefits of USPS shipping services with great postage discounts.  Anyone can print USPS shipping labels even if you are not in the US. We offer a separate global shipping program to our international users. To learn more, visit

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