Security Feature Added: 2FA

We want the name VIPparcel to be synonymous in your mind with users safety. We made sure no one gains control over your account without proper permission.


VIPparcel is happy to secure your VIPparcel shipping account with 2FA login process. 2FA (which stands for Two-Factors Authentication) is a security feature that allows users to protect an account access with two levels of verification. Once you enter a username and password, with 2FA enabled, you will receive a text or a phone call with a verification code to gain access to your USPS postage printing.


It is easy to activate 2FA from you VIPparcel dashboard.

1.    Go to your "Account" page

2.    Click on "Two-Factor Authentication." tab.

3.    Click the box to enable Two-Factor Authentication

4.    Verify your phone number.


Make sure your active phone number matches with your VIPparcel default number. If you are unable to receive text messages or to enter the code within a minute, then you will get a phone call that will read the code out loud. If you are unable to receive a phone call or to hear the code, the system will repeat a call in a few minutes. Note, a verification code is active only for 5 minutes. If a code is not entered within 5 minutes, Two-Factor Authentication will not be activated unless a user repeats the process.


5.    Remember your personal computer and browsers for convenience to fast and easy login from the same device.


VIPparcel shipping software is free-to-use, secure, and cheap to buy and print USPS postage online!

Posted on November 1, 2016