USPS 2016 Rates Change

In 2016 the USPS will be increasing their rates for everyone. At VIPparcel we’re always dedicated to bringing you the best rates possible. We would like to explain what exactly will be happening on January 17th, 2016. The January 2016 rate changes represent the first price increase for commercial USPS Priority Mail® in over three years. So, although the average price increase for Priority Mail looks high at 9.8 percent for 2016, that averages out to less than 3.3 percent per year since the last rate increase. Secondly, the USPS is removing Commercial Plus Pricing and will be priced within 3% of Commercial Base pricing.

Here are the following changes broken down by service:

First-Class Package Service

  • Will see an average price of 7.6% per package
  • Weight restrictions increased to 15.99 ounces

Priority Mail (Zones 1-8)

  • There will be an average of 2.4% increase per package

Priority Mail Flat Rate

  • Boxes and envelopes are increasing $0.40 to $0.80 per piece

Priority Mail Regional Rate Boxes

  • Regional Box C is being removed
  • Regional Box A and B will see an average increase of 10.1% per package

Priority Mail Express (Zones 1-8)

  • Will see an average increase of 42.1% per package
  • Flat Rate Boxes are being removed
  • Priority Mail Express Flat Rate Envelopes will see an average increase of $2.55 per package

Parcel Select No presort

  • Being renamed to Parcel Select Ground
  • Average rate decrease of 7.7% per package
  • Packages in the 1 to 5 pound will see an average increase of 0.8% per package

Priority Mail International

  • Packages to Canada are increasing by an average of 12% per package
  • Overall, there will be a 12.8% increase per package

Priority Mail Express International

  • An average increase of 15.9% per package

First-Class Package International

  • Will see an average increase of 28.2% per package


As always, VIPparcel is committed to bringing the very best in USPS postage, and will continue to inform you about all changes happening within the USPS and our service. Included below are charts to help with the visualizing the price changes.  

Posted on December 24, 2015