Cart32 Shipping Integration


Cart32 is a powerful shopping cart service that we are proud to be working with. Their purpose is to develop products and solutions, specifically for small businesses, that allow merchants to effectively sell their products via the medium of the Internet, to effectively manage their sales and fulfillment process flow, to have accurate tools and assessment capabilities at their fingertips, and to make the shopping and ordering process as friendly to their buyers as possible. VIPparcel thinks of business in much of the same way and wants to make sure all customers pay less for shipping. Now, all Cart32 customers can save money on USPS postage when packages need to be shipped internationally and domestic. 

How do Cart32 and VIPparcel work together

It’s all very intuitive. To get started, customers have to download the Cart32 system and make an account on VIPparcel. Once that is done, link the accounts through the API key and then the savings are applied automatically. Cart32 and VIPparcel have worked very hard to make sure that shipping internationally and domestically is as easy as possible. Please give it a try and let us know what you think! 

Create an account to print postage in minutes

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