eBay Shipping Solution for Sellers


Print your eBay shipping labels hassle free and enjoy discount rates

With millions of active buyers globally, eBay is one of the world's largest online marketplaces, where practically anyone can buy and sell practically anything. eBay is the best source to find products your customers want shipped internationally or domestically. With our integration eBay sellers can print USPS discounted postage for customers that are overseas or domestic. Our integration simply consists of you verifying your existing eBay account. It will be the perfect solution for your USPS shipping needs.

VIPparcel provides the best possible rates to ship internationally with USPS and you can pass on the savings to your customers or use it improve your business. We believe that as an eBay seller, you deserve to have the best possible rates and the perfect solution for your shipping business. We invite you to try our simple integration with eBay and explore how our shipping solution with the USPS can improve your business.

Use online calculator to estimate postage cost.


Why use VIPparcel for your eBay postage printing 

  • eBay approved shipping integration with VIPparcel
  • Easily link your eBay account and import shipping data
  • Reliable, hassle-free, simple to use postage printing service
  • USPS discounted rates for domestic and international shipping
  • Pay for your postage with Paypal as well as other common methods
  • USPS Tracking uploads automatically after shipping label print out
  • VIPparcel provides discounted shipping insurance


How to print eBay postage using VIPparcel

After signing up with VIPparcel, you simply link your account to print eBay shipping labels. It will take you to eBay.com where you have to log in and then the account is considered linked. You will now see the orders that need to be shipped with USPS in your VIPparcel account. All of your international and domestic postage can be printed straight from your VIPparcel account. Once the label is printed, it is automatically considered “shipped” on eBay’s side. It is all very intuitive and simple.


Create an account to print postage in minutes

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