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Pinnacle Cart

A shipping method for Pinnacle Cart

Pinnacle Cart is among the best shopping carts out there and VIPparcel is proud to have partnered with them. Millions use Pinnacle Cart to push their business forward and make it easier for customers purchase their products. By partnering with VIPparcel, Pinnacle Cart will allow all of their users to save on international and domestic postage by printing their USPS labels with through VIPparcel shipping method.

How is this done you may ask? Well, it’s very simple. To print your postage through VIPparcel while using Pinnacle Cart, all you have to do, is download Pinnacle Cart, create your VIPparcel account and link them together – it’s very simple to get started and start saving money on your shipping. 

Many satisfied online businesses are coming to trust and depend on the integrity of the Pinnacle Cart platform and our customer service to deliver the business solutions they need to move their online business forward with confidence. It does not matter if you are just beginning to devise your e-business strategy or already have an established model, Pinnacle Cart and VIPparcel can help you succeed. 

Link your Pinnacle Cart with VIPparcel shipping solution and enjoy the following benefits:

  • Discounted rates from USPS for domestic and international shipping
  • Automated USPS tracking data
  • Importing Pinnacle Cart shipping data made easy
  • Reliable, web-based postage printing service from a PC or Mac
  • PayPal for fast and secure payment processing

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