5 Reasons to Like USPS If You Want to Make Money Selling on eBay

eBay product selling is one of the most flourishing businesses on the internet today. Yet as those businesses grow, the challenges of streamlining to handle ever-greater volumes can be difficult to resolve. In this article I present 5 reasons to like USPS if you want to make money selling on eBay.

1) USPS is an all-in-one shipping program. Your online website can generate visitors from different locations depending on the investment you make for the customized labels. It is indeed a good idea to spend some money on the labels or the online postage printing  to get it customized as per your website requirement. For example if you have products related to electronics, just mention your website link on the label which can drive interested customers to your website, even before it reaches the final recipient.

2) USPS adds a professional touch to your business. USPS is a postal service which delivers your shipments with extreme efficiency. People these days look for professionalism in every product they buy. When you show them the promptness in delivering their products by giving importance to package, they automatically tend to stick to you and your products for future purchases, and also propagate it without you asking for it. This postal service has tremendous potential to get your shipping done with highest professionalism resulting in a lot of new customers for your products. The result; you make money selling on eBay.

3) Let USPS handle customs forms. People selling eBay products internationally should have USPS since they take care of custom forms for you. You need not sit and search for the right form for all the international shipments you make. This postal system checks the country rules and accordingly produces the exact customs form you require. You just need to enter the details and it would automatically fill in all the information and get your form ready.

4) USPS filters for fraudulent transactions. USPS prevents fraudulent attempts on you with a filtration technique to prevent fake orders. It is very efficient software to synchronize with your eBay business. Otherwise the eBay sellers will need to take time out for such filters in order to check personally for all the scammers in their order list. It is important for eBay sellers to have this software since it will further streamline your business.

5) Save time and money with USPS. Saving time and money is important for those who want to make money selling on eBay. This software will save loads of time and money for the business owners. You cannot get more accurate shipping costs anywhere else. They do not give the estimation figures, they give the exact figures. Insurance of the product being shipped is an added advantage to protect your interests depending on the object. The insurance charges for the domestic transportation are really cost effective and scale around $0.65 for the product worth $100 at the time of this writing.

Bulk acceptance scan is an added feature which eBay sellers should find it convenient since they can maintain the same barcode for all the shipments of the whole day. It will make it easier to keep track of the records of all the products shipped on everyday tracking system. It is of great help for bulk shippers and they will be able to print labels in large numbers from Vipparcel.

USPS service enables you to search with name of recipient, company, Zip code or even tracking number for all the pending orders. You might want to get a taste of their services by subscribing for a one month trial and see for yourself if it helps your business. Then consider adding USPS to your support system as you make money selling on eBay.



Posted on November 1, 2018