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Benefits of USPS International Priority Airmail for e-Retailers

How does USPS International Priority Airmail impact e-Retailers? Many eBay and Amazon third party sellers have mentioned that their International orders have taken a sharp decline during the course of this year. The main reason behind this fall is the doubling of the postage rate that occurred in January that makes their products less competitive in the global market place.

How to Increase your USA eBay Business Internationally

It is a very large world out there with well over 193 recognized countries. If you add all the dozens of colonies and territories controlled by other countries that number rapidly grows to well over 200 countries in the world.

USPS Priority International And Domestic Flat Rate Boxes Size

One of the USPS's advertising methodologies to compete with civilian package shippers is the use of flat rate boxes. They even came up with a awesome tv promotion - If it fits it ships for both domestic and international priority mails.

Cheaply Shipping Packages Using USPS First Class Mail

Cheaply Shipping Packages Using USPS First Class Mail

The United States Postal Service is the cheapest way of sending large envelopes as well as small packages that only weighs 13 ounces or less. The USPS website also offers services that give discount rates such as getting delivery confirmation for just $0.18 compared to the $0.75 that you are going to pay in the post office counter.

Tracking Mail - Post Via USPS Express Mail for Overnight Guarantee

It would be difficult to argue that sending your time-sensitive letters, documents, or merchandise via USPS Express Mail is the best value there is for your money. It is the Postal Service's fastest service with overnight guarantee delivery to most cities or your money back. In addition tracking mail and insurance of $100.00 are included in the prices which are inexpensive compared to FedEx or UPS.

Ecommerce Website With International Shipping

To ship internationally or not to ship internationally? That is the question. With the Internet turning many industries into a global marketplace, it makes sense to seek out as many potential clients or customers as possible. But if you are going to ship internationally, you need to be ready for the challenges.

Guidelines for International Shipping Rates - Factors To Consider

How much are you going to pay for in international shipping rates? There are several factors to consider. Shipping companies charge different rates to individual clients depending on their circumstances and requirements. Your international shipping service provider may offer different packages from one client to another. Here are some factors that determine the cost of international shipping:

How International Shipping Rates Are Determined

Shipping goods from one international location to another requires greater levels of efficiency. It is therefore important to hire the most reputed and reliable shipping company for this job. In most cases, however, people want to avail the best services at the most reasonable rates. Let us discuss in this article some of the important factors that determine international shipping rates:

How Successful Business People Avoid High International Shipping Costs

Do you want to pay less for international shipping? Then there is a full disclosure how you can save 25% - 45% on international shipping - and still keep your current shipping provider (if you want).

What to Know When It Comes To International Deliveries

Many people will have sent a letter or even a parcel before; with services such as eBay prompting many people to send items they have sold the process of sending a parcel is becoming more and more familiar to the majority of people in the USA. The thing is that there are plenty of people who have never had to send a parcel and so the process may still be a bit daunting for these people; will their parcel arrive on time?

Keep in Touch With Friends Abroad With Low International Postage Rates

These days escaping the cold, wet weather of the USA and seeking sunshine, employment and a new life abroad is not uncommon amongst people of all ages, and where there is a person who chooses to emigrate, there are relatives and friends left behind. When this happens, far from thinking about the expensive air fares to go and see them, or losing touch with them altogether, USA residents can take advantage of the incredible network of couriers available to them.

Reasons to Pick Couriers for International Postage Services

Are you looking to send a parcel abroad from the USA? If so, these days there are plenty of choices, and each service is designed to meet your needs, whether you are looking for a courier service that is cheap, or one that will get your item there within a matter of hours or days, rather than weeks. Finding international postage services that you can trust and that don't cost the same as a cheap flight to that country was once a near-impossible task, but these days, thanks to the competitive courier industry, and to internet sites that offer quick quotes and simple online booking, it's easy.

How Shipping Companies Are Adapting to the Changing Business Landscape

Shipping companies belong to a sector of the industry that is constantly trying to meet the changing demands of their customer base. Business owners know that while business might be good right now, there will always come a time when they will have to revise their approach and their strategy to stay on top of their game.

The Working of an International Shipping Calculator

Sending a consignment internationally requires some experience if the process has to be less of a tussle. Knowledge of the shipping requirements is essential for the consignment to be sent in time. Otherwise, there will be unnecessary delays at the shipping company as the consignment waits to be cleared before shipping.

Determining International Shipping Prices

Engaging in international shipping business can be an uphill task to people who are new in this field. This normally calls for considerable amount of experience unless one is willing to run the risk of being duped. Before sending and receiving consignments internationally, one has to know how the process is normally conducted especially regarding the price. International shipping prices will vary from one mode of transport to another.

USPS Rate Changes Take Effect on January 27, 2019

The USPS will be raising rates on both domestic and international shipping, starting on January 27, 2019. VIPparcel, a USPS Postal Qualified Wholesaler, provides deep discounts off the standard retail pricing.

USPS And VIPparcel Will Continue To Deliver Internationally No Matter The Outcome With The UPU

The Administration is threatening to pull out of the UPU (United Postal Union) if shipping rates aren’t more balanced internationally, which could affect the United State Postal Service international shipments.

But the USPS, which is responsible for more than 61% of international shipments, is committed to remaining in the international mailing business and is actively working on solutions to ensure minimal service disruption in the event the U.S. withdraws from the UPU.

VIPparcel, a Postal Qualified Wholesaler of the USPS, expects little to no change in its international business either. In fact, VIPparcel…

VIPparcel Opens West Coast Office For USPS Processing For International Shippers

Huntingdon Valley PA – March 2, 2020 - VIPparcel, a Postal Qualified Wholesaler (PQW) with the USPS, announced that it will be opening a new San Francisco office and warehouse in mid-March, 2020.

This means VIPparcel’s west coast clients can now send packages being shipped to international destinations, to VIPparcel’s warehouse in Hayward, CA and VIPparcel will process the packages and transport them to the airport (San Francisco – SFO) which is a USPS processing center.

This important “first mile” processing saves the USPS significant expense and usually provides attractive discounts to VIPparcel’s shippers.

The new office and warehouse will…

USPS Temporarily Suspend International Mail To Several Countries

The United States Postal Service has temporarily suspended any international mail to several countries. This temporary suspension is due to the many cancelations and restrictions of travel both by air and water. Mail that has already been sent will be labeled main service suspended and be returned to the senders. This affects users who shipped Priority Mail International, First-Class Mail International, and First-Class Package International Service.

The list of countries included in the Temporary Service Suspension:

1. Cayman Islands
2. Chad
3. Ecuador
4. French Polynesia
5. Honduras
6. India

USPS Is Changing Rules For International Shippers

Dear Clients, 
From July 1, 2020, USPS is changing rules for international shippers:

For international parcels over 35 lb customers will pay retail prices. There is no discount available for havier packages. 
All packages from up to 34 lb that are tendered to local postal offices and not processed through our warehouses, will have a discount of 5%.

There is a possibility to get a deeper discount if you can send packages to one of our warehouses (PA, CA, FL) for processing.
For this purpose you will be able print the free of charge FedEx label from your account at

Please call 1-844-7272355 or send an email  at support @ to change the discount and activate Fedex for you.