Benefits of USPS International Priority Airmail for e-Retailers

How does USPS International Priority Airmail impact e-Retailers? Many eBay and Amazon third party sellers have mentioned that their International orders have taken a sharp decline during the course of this year. The main reason behind this fall is the doubling of the postage rate that occurred in January that makes their products less competitive in the global market place.

So what if I guide you that there is a way to get benefit from the postage rates available last year and not pay the extra money for the e-Delcon services? Most of the e-Retailers selling products that are lesser in value (you can say $50) would jump at the opportunity. That opportunity exists with the USPS International Priority Airmail Service.

Key Features of USPS International Priority Airmail (IPA)

  • Perfect for lightweight low value items, <2 Kilos & < $400 value
  • Dispatched as 1st Class International Package Services
  • Transit is 3-7 Days Globally
  • Postal Customs Clearance (Duties & Taxes paid by Recipient)
  • Free Returns on undeliverable items
  • Discounted Postage Rates
  • USPS Package Identification number provided
  • Integrates directly with, Shipstation, Shipworks, Teapplix, etc.

How does an eRetailer use USPS IPA Service

E-Commerce Seller would contact a USPS Postal Qualified Wholesaler in their region and speak with an International expert to help guide them through the service. Selecting the right PQW is most important to your success in using the USPS IPA service.

Select a PQW which has locations throughout the United States. This becomes crucial during times of bad weather, or natural disasters. A PQW which has locations in multiple states ensures that your mail will move no matter the situation we are facing in a particular region.

One more reason is to select a PQW who integrates directly with their current labeling system. If you are using Ship station to generate your labels, select a PQW who integrates directly with your current platform. A qualified PQW will walk you through the integration process so that you will seamlessly transmit the necessary data to the USPS.

Once you have done the integration process you will generate your labels. You will be generating a zero postage consolidator label and the necessary customs information will transmit to the PQW automatically

Be sure to ask your PQW the following questions?

1) How often do you drop mail at the USPS ISC during the week? Some smaller PQW's do not have enough mail volume to drop your mail everyday. In order to drop your mail directly at an ISC a PQW must have a minimum of 500 pounds per mail drop.

2) How many packages per week do they mail via IPA each week? Some companies are very large but do not use IPA daily. It is critical to know how much they are shipping via the IPA service.

Which Shippers should use the USPS International Priority Airmail Program?

1) If you ship on average 20 or more packages per day.

2) Is your average order value less than $400?

3) Are you comfortable not receiving a delivery scan on your packages?

4) Are you willing to change your shipping policy verbiage?

If the above criterion fits your business model, then I would contact a USPS PQW immediately to start saving postage immediately.

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Posted on August 16, 2018