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E-Commerce Shipping Best Practices

Every Ecommerce site should read this because many sites fail to answer basic questions such as "how long will it take?" or "how much will it cost?", many sales are lost at this important juncture. Some research shows that shipping concerns top the list of reasons why people abandon shopping carts.

USPS Priority Mail Can Save You Money in Five Ways

USPS Priority Mail can save your business money. Here are some areas to consider when you are choosing your shipper.

Benefits of Printing Shipping Labels on a Digital Press

A shipping label is one that is attached to a shipping container. The label is a very important aspect of the logistical distribution chain of any shipment. In fact, shipping labels are considered to be a point of contact for those who would be handling the consignment during the loading, transportation, unloading, and receiving process.

Calculating Ecommerce Shipping Costs

Calculating Ecommerce Shipping Costs

As anyone who has ever bought or sold items online knows, shipping and handling charges matter. If the shipping charges seem too high, potential customers will likely abandon their carts and move on. If shipping charges are too low, the merchant ends up losing money. Merchants who fail to charge correct shipping rates can also be fined and may lose their reputation as a trusted online seller.

Handy Packaging Tips for eCommerce Shipping

Handy Packaging Tips for eCommerce Shipping

Before you can make your eCommerce business click, you need to take time to dwell on various aspects of your business and find ways of improving each. You might have a great product, but if your cheap packaging causes breakage or damage in transit, settling a damage claim means that you just lost a valuable customer forever. There are several products that need to be packaged with added care for eCommerce shipping. A few such products would include: electronic items, glassware, cosmetics, ceramics, medical devices, and so on.

How Customers Can Help Improve Your Ecommerce Site

How Customers Can Help Improve Your Ecommerce Site

Getting people to visit your ecommerce website is always good; but translating these clicks into sales is even better. When it comes to promoting your ecommerce site, creating traffic is always important. Even if you have a good ecommerce web hosting plan for your site, if you are not significantly turning these clicks to sales, then it could be a huge problem for your online business.

How To Tackle Your Ecommerce Shipping Issues

How To Tackle Your Ecommerce Shipping Issues

Many a high risk merchant has suffered due to negligence of shipping issues. It's a little ridiculous, knowing how impossible it is for customers to get their products purchased unless an efficient shipping method is implemented. According to e-commerce reports, shipping issues are one of the top reasons why people do not buy from e-commerce merchants.

What Do I Need For Ecommerce Shipping

In today's face paced world there's many ecommerce websites popping up all over. Their success/ failure are subjective to many variables. Could be genuine ignorance of the task and the labour involved or genuine brilliance for talking the time to overturn every stone? However, what I have noticed is that there's a little tidbit which most do not explore to save money and to make money at the same time - shipping.

Ecommerce - The Way Forward

Trade is doing a pretty good job of catching up to the technology produced for it. One trendy expression you'll come across in that sector is eCommerce. What is it all about and why should you care?

Are You Spending Too Much On Your Parcel Delivery?

Parcel delivery and collection systems were always changing but there has been a consistency in the standard door to door delivery systems for a while and the best units give a very repeatable service and pricing structure. To answer the question "Are you spending too much on the parcel delivery" there obviously has to be a number of individual checks to be carried out to see what is best for the service required.

The Seven Biggest Mistakes of an eCommerce Site

1. Pages on your eCommerce website should be quick to load

A visitor coming to your eCommerce website either as a result of an advertisement or from organic search is interested in what you have to offer. Forget fancy splash pages. They are slow to load, and most people have little patience and want to quickly find what they are wanting. Make the entry page of your eCommerce website attractive but forget the splash. Very few people are impressed. A survey recently cited that four seconds is all the time we have to capture our visitors interest.

How to Save on Shipping Costs

One of the factors that hamper buyers from buying online is shipping cost. Sellers who offer free shipping have more advantage of closing a sale rather than those who don't. In order for sellers to have a greater opportunity to make sales, consider offering free shipping.

Regular and Reliable Courier Services Are the Driving Force Behind the Superpower That Is America

The common bonds of language and a great deal of ancestry have always meant that the UK and America have been close partners. So the flow of goods across the Atlantic between the two countries is very regular, and consists of a massive variety of products and resources.

Shipping Packages Overseas Keeps Getting Easier

Many businesses have to ship out supplies and orders on a daily basis. Sometimes they do not have time to go stand in the post office with all their boxes to send multiple orders. This is when shipping easy with online companies comes into play. It is time-saving and reliable in many ways. People are already using their computers on a daily basis, and with today's technology to get many things done,

Free Shipping Supplies

Most of you might already know how to get free shipping supplies. If any of you don't know how to get shipping supplies for free, read on.

USPS Rate Changes Take Effect on January 27, 2019

The USPS will be raising rates on both domestic and international shipping, starting on January 27, 2019. VIPparcel, a USPS Postal Qualified Wholesaler, provides deep discounts off the standard retail pricing.

Small Businesses Rely on Affordable Shipping Solutions

In true viral fashion, the internet has been erupting with small business owners who are upset with the recent USPS postage and shipping rate increases.

USPS And VIPparcel Will Continue To Deliver Internationally No Matter The Outcome With The UPU

The Administration is threatening to pull out of the UPU (United Postal Union) if shipping rates aren’t more balanced internationally, which could affect the United State Postal Service international shipments.

But the USPS, which is responsible for more than 61% of international shipments, is committed to remaining in the international mailing business and is actively working on solutions to ensure minimal service disruption in the event the U.S. withdraws from the UPU.

VIPparcel, a Postal Qualified Wholesaler of the USPS, expects little to no change in its international business either. In fact, VIPparcel…

VIPparcel Creates ETSY Integration in New Shipping Portal. ETSY Store Owners Can Access Maximum USPS Savings

Huntingdon Valley, PA – Etsy store owners can now integrate their shopping cart with VIPparcel’s shipping software. VIPparcel offers the lowest rates for shipping USPS and now Etsy owners can access these lower rates while integrating their Etsy stores. Features including creating a pick list of products, a packing slip, printing a shipping label and automatically update tracking information.

VIPparcel is a PQW (Postal Qualified Wholesaler) of the USPS and has the lowest rates for shipping internationally … savings as much as 65% to 80% off UPS and FedEx.  VIPparcel’s system is cloud-based…

USPS Is Changing Rules For International Shippers

Dear Clients, 
From July 1, 2020, USPS is changing rules for international shippers:

For international parcels over 35 lb customers will pay retail prices. There is no discount available for havier packages. 
All packages from up to 34 lb that are tendered to local postal offices and not processed through our warehouses, will have a discount of 5%.

There is a possibility to get a deeper discount if you can send packages to one of our warehouses (PA, CA, FL) for processing.
For this purpose you will be able print the free of charge FedEx label from your account at

Please call 1-844-7272355 or send an email  at support @ to change the discount and activate Fedex for you.