The Seven Biggest Mistakes of an eCommerce Site

1. Pages on your eCommerce website should be quick to load

A visitor coming to your eCommerce website either as a result of an advertisement or from organic search is interested in what you have to offer. Forget fancy splash pages. They are slow to load, and most people have little patience and want to quickly find what they are wanting. Make the entry page of your eCommerce website attractive but forget the splash. Very few people are impressed. A survey recently cited that four seconds is all the time we have to capture our visitors interest.

2. Making the buying process confusing

After your visitors have found what they need make it clear how they can buy. It is aggravating to find an eCommerce website, be ready to purchase and then have to figure out just how you go about it. Make how to buy easily understood. show them what they should do. "click here' to make a purchase. "Click' here for detailed information or whatever instruction makes it easy.

3. Not offering different forms of payment at your eCommerce website

Provide different methods of payment on your eCommerce website and you will increase your sales. A lot of people have gotten comfortable making payment through Papal. Offer Papal in addition to credit card payment...

4. Not making your customer feel secure

Make available a statement giving assurance to your visitor the payment process is secure, so that they are comfortable making the transaction. More people are making online transactions, but for some it is even now a worrisome experience. help them to understand that the financial information they give is handled in a safe manner.

5. Not offering shipping and delivery information - High Shipping cost

How will delivery be made? Is it an electronic delivery, or does it have to be shipped? Provide this information as well. If you sell physical merchandise from your eCommerce site that requires shipping, do you post a link to a page with shipping options? when does it get shipped, and how long it will take are also important issues the customer needs be made aware of. What will be the shipping cost?

Those ecommerce sites, who are charging high for shipping they can ship through USPS to reduce the shipping cost. To implement discounted shipping cost in your orders, please check the domestic and international shipping charges through shipping calculator.

6. Not offering something to non-buyers to allow you further contact and visibility for your eCommerce site. If you don't offer a newsletter, possibly you could offer a small report or tip sheet in exchange for their email.

The process of getting visitors to your online business is costly either in time or finances, or both. Put value on each and every visitor and get the most out of their presence to your online business.

7. Not displaying security logos or testimonials on your site to raise your website's level of trust.

Value the traffic you get to your eCommerce website. Make sure you have all these issues covered. Treat your customers well. It is easier to sell to existing customers, than to get new ones.




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Posted on October 27, 2018