Free Shipping Supplies

Most of you might already know how to get free shipping supplies. If any of you don't know how to get shipping supplies for free, read on. You can get lots of items for free right from the post office. That's right; the USPS will give you all kinds of shipping supplies for free. Items like; boxes, tape, bubble wrap, and custom address labels with your business name on them, lots more.

If anyone here ships a lot of items, you know the post office is the cheapest way to ship anything. UPS, Fed-Ex, and other shipping companies charge more than the post office. They have a pick-up service, but so does the post office. The old advantage companies like UPS had over the post office, was, a pick-up service. But in recent years, the post office has made a comeback with a great pick-up service. You don't even need to leave the house.

Companies like UPS still charged their customers for shipping supplies, up until a few years ago. They had to change things; the post office was taking their business away. In the past, You wouldn't get any free shipping supplies from UPS or Fed-Ex, unless you are a huge corporate giant of a client. Even if you had a business account with UPS, they still charged you for your shipping supplies. All the postal services are in big competition right now. But overall, the post office will give you the best results for the best price every time.

Since I am a huge post office lover, I will give you the information you need for them first. In order to get free shipping supplies through the post office, you need to start shipping priority mail, if you don't already. Don't worry, priority is not expensive at all. It's a couple of dollars more than first class, but the service and guarantee that your item arrives is well worth it. They even have a flat rate priority program that is great. Priority shipping through the post office is still cheaper than UPS or Fed-Ex's prices. Make it a point to tell your customers you ship USPS priority. Most people know that priority shipping is a very reliable service through the post office. Another bonus about using the USPS; your item will always arrive and it won't be broken on arrival like other postal services.

First visit the post office store here. Then click on flat rate or priority boxes to order your free shipping supplies. You can do it all online(create an account for "free") or click the contact us link and order over the phone. Order as many boxes as you need. Get the bubble wrap and tape that you need. You can even have them put your business name and address on the address labels. All absolutely free! No more paying for boxes to ship your eBay items.

You can even set up a time for the post office to pick up your boxes. You can set a schedule up hourly, daily, weekly, whatever your schedule calls for. The post office has become very flexible, as they are in competition with UPS and a few other major postal couriers. I have been getting better service using the post office to ship my supplies than any other company. And I have tried them all. The post office is consistently better. I need to stress this point again. I have never seen a package "broken on arrival" from shipping through the post office. But "broken on arrival" has happened to me countless times using UPS or Fed-Ex to ship my items.




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Posted on December 13, 2018