USPS And VIPparcel Will Continue To Deliver Internationally No Matter The Outcome With The UPU

The Administration is threatening to pull out of the UPU (United Postal Union) if shipping rates aren’t more balanced internationally, which could affect the United State Postal Service international shipments.

But the USPS, which is responsible for more than 61% of international shipments, is committed to remaining in the international mailing business and is actively working on solutions to ensure minimal service disruption in the event the U.S. withdraws from the UPU.

VIPparcel, a Postal Qualified Wholesaler of the USPS, expects little to no change in its international business either. In fact, VIPparcel is telling its 20,000 customers that they expect no changes in rates or schedules on its international shipments for the remainder of 2019.

As e-commerce continues strong gains, the global retail market will reach $25.038 trillion in 2019, an increase of 4.5% and a slight acceleration in growth vs. the prior year, per our estimates. Global web sales neared $3 trillion in 2018, increasing online's share of total retail sales to north of 15%. (Source: eMarketer)

Global ecommerce grew at a faster clip last year—18.0%—than online sales in the more saturated U.S. market, which Internet Retailer expects to increase 15.3% from 2017. Consumers worldwide purchased $2.86 trillion on the web in 2018, up from $2.43 trillion the previous year, according to early projections. (Source Internet Retailer, part of Digital Commerce 360, Jessica Young)

2019 is on track to demonstrate record-breaking growth in the parcel shipping market, and this will occur in tandem with the surge of e-commerce. According to the Journal of Commerce, the U.S. parcel shipping market handled more than 12.7 billion shipments in 2017, and the majority of these packages weighed less than five pounds. Preliminary reports suggest the parcel market for 2019 will be even higher, and data and statistics are not yet available regarding the number of packages shipped at the end of 2018 to reflect the holiday shopping season. Therefore, shippers need to understand the driving forces of growth in the parcel shipping market and how it will impact their operations. (Source: Adam Robinson, Cerasis)

VIPparcel is a Postal Qualified Wholesaler for the USPS and has the lowest rates possible for domestic and international shipping. Its easy to use software is cloud based so there’s nothing to download, and customers can print labels right at their desk. With offices in the Philadelphia area, it has warehouses and international shipping hubs in Delaware, Philadelphia, New York, Miami, and soon in San Francisco and Chicago. Its new shipping center portal integrates with Shopify, Etsy and eBay with more stores being added every week. See

Posted on September 19, 2019