USPS Priority Mail Can Save You Money in Five Ways

USPS Priority Mail can save your business money. Here are some areas to consider when you are choosing your shipper.

First all rates and fees are shown up front. USPS Priority Mail Rates are well published and you always known what they are upfront. When you buy your postage upfront and your package ships you never have to worry about additional charges after the fact. Look at your most recent invoice from UPS or FedEx. Are the rates you are charged the same as you where quoted up front? Sometimes they are but regularly they may not be. Additional charges and surcharges are very common.

In Fact more than 30% of all shipping costs are made up of accessorial fees. The second reason to use USPS Priority Mail is the accessorial fees. I should actually say the lack or these fees.

Did you know that the Post Office doesn't charge a fuel surcharge?

Did you know that the Post Office doesn't charge residential or delivery area surcharges either?

There are no surprise costs when you use USPS Priority Mail.

The lack of surprise costs is taken to the extreme with USPS Priority Mail Flat Rate Boxes. With Flat Rate Boxes you pay one flat rate anywhere in the country. It doesn't even matter how much it weighs as long as it is less than 70 lbs. You will never be charged more that the flat rate.

The third reason to use USPS Priority Mail is Saturday delivery. The Post Office continues to deliver on Saturday. Using some quick math you will realize that there are 52 Saturdays in one year. That is 7 and a half weeks or nearly 2 months. If you use USPS priority mail your shipping carrier will work for almost 2 months longer than their competitors. If you compare USPS priority mail to a "Guaranteed" 2 day service you will actually realize that Priority Mail will deliver your package more quickly.

A good example of this is if you ship something over the weekend. If your package is sent on Thursday with another 2 day service it won't arrive until Monday of the next week. That is actually 4 days. Likewise if you send it on Friday it will not arrive until the following Tuesday. That is also a 4 day delivery. Because of Saturday delivery both of these shipments would arrive I n3 days using USPS Priority Mail. It kind of makes you wonder what the guarantee means. "I could take a dump in a box and slap a guarantee on it but then you would just have a guaranteed pile of crap"

Fourth, the failure rate of the USPS office is actually below 1%. You can compare this to the big competitors who are closer to 3%.

UPS and FedEx pay millions of dollars a year into marketing and building consumer confidence. They do a good job of this. They are able to create the perception that there service levels are greater and more reliable when in fact the opposite is true.

Fifth, with nearly 37,000 post offices nationwide the Post Office has the greatest ability to reach the final destination. Nobody has a bigger network or greater capability to reach every address every day.

If you haven't seen or familiarized yourself with the post office lately you should. With improved capabilities in tracking and scanning and improved rates and services the Post office is getting better and better.

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Posted on August 22, 2018