6 Easy Tips to Keep Your Ebay Postage Low

USPS changed the shipping rates again! It was noted that the changes are mainly small increases, but no matter how small a change, when you post several times a week, the figure gradually adds up. eBay dropped the bomb shell - buyers and eBay now favors listings with lower postage rates.
Recession! With prices of gasoline and fuel on the rise, I bet not only USPS will increase postage rates. It will be near before shipping services in your country raise the price too.

Can sellers charge fair shipping fees now, and still make a profit? Here are some ways to keep your shipping low.

1. Include insurance when buyers ask for it.

Many a times, buyers complaint the postage was high because we include in the insurance as well. Buyers may not be willing to pay for it. State clearly in your terms and conditions, then follow through. Clearly mention that insurance is an option and what happens if the parcel got lost with items not insured. Most of the time buyers are willing to pay for it for peace of mind.

2. Know your shipping service.

Get yourself familiar with the postage rates in your country. Here is a list of the new USPS rates. Do you really need to ship everything via Express, First Class or Priority Mail? Consider the distance, whether it's international sales, urgency, value of items and buyers' preference. High value items generally should be sent using express service.

3. Use cheap or recycle packaging materials.

Consider getting recycled or used packing materials like bubble wrap, boxes and peanuts. I'm not asking you to get those damaged boxes on the road, tape it and reuse. Some recycled items are as good as new. You should really consider using them. Here are 10 ways to be an environmental friendly seller.

4. Share packing material purchasing with another seller.

If you buy new packing materials for shipping, consider sharing it with other sellers. Many sellers use the same kind of stuff for packaging. There are bound to be something that you can share purchases with, like tapes, stationeries and bubble wraps. By sharing, you can lower your costs and you can get more discounts for your purchase from the supplier. Remember to buy packing materials via wholesale too. So, go get to know another eBay seller right now!

5. Plan your trip to the post office.

Save your time and gasoline. Consider going to the post office, cash machine, running your errands and lunch at the same time.

6. Offer big combine shipping discounts for multiple item purchases.

This is nothing new, but it still works great. Do not charge excessively over for additional items. Chances are buyers will purchase more to save on shipping.



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Posted on December 13, 2018