Break With Tradition - Print Postage Online

The traditional way to mail a letter or package was to travel to the Post Office or shipping center. Once there, you would have your item weighed and then pay for the appropriate postage. However there are now some great options for printing postage online.

There are a number of vendors which have online programs and websites you can access to print your own postage. You can print this postage directly to an envelope or self stick label for attachment to your package.

In order to print postage online, you would first find the appropriate website. Even the US Postal Service offers an online service. You normally set up an account where you can store your shipping and payment information.

Once you access the appropriate website, you would enter the ship to address as well as information about the item you are sending. This can include the size and weight of the package or letter.

Once you specify this information, the service will determine the appropriate postage based on the type of shipping desired. For example if you use the USPS online service, you can ship your items either via First Class, Priority or Express Mail.

It is helpful to have access to a digital scale in order to accurately weigh your item. In this way you can purchase only the amount of postage necessary for the particular type of shipping service desired.

Once the amount of postage is calculated, you would normally pay for it through a credit/debit card or checking account. Following this an electronic version of the postage is created. You can print this electronic postage through a conventional inkjet printer.

Normally you can print directly to an envelope. Or you can use self stick labels for this purpose. These online programs are also very convenient for tracking the amount of postage you use over a given period of time.

There are helpful reports you can issue which will show you how much postage you spent over a given period of time. It can also categorize your shipments in terms of the type of shipping service or the intended recipients. These reports can be very helpful for a business which wants to accurately track their shipping expenses.

In any case through these types of services, you no longer have to depend on traveling to the Post Office in order to ship out your letters and packages. You can print your postage online and save yourself time and money in the process.

Posted on September 12, 2018