Cheap Integrated Labels - Partnership E-Commerce

Cheap Integrated Labels - Partnership E-Commerce

Integrated labels are designed to save labour, improve efficiency, productivity and reduce costs by combining laser or inkjet guaranteed paper with a peel out label.

Commonly known as packing slips, shipping notes or mailing labels this product is a great solution to e-retail distributors. Traditionally a two part or three part continuous delivery note was used by means of a dot matrix printer, followed by a posted multi copy continuous invoice. Now with the introduction of integrated labels this process has evolved to run through a laser or inkjet printer, as a single sheet with a combined single or double label.

The integral label is used as a delivery address and the double integral label can be used for returns by incorporating the senders address details. When the delivery address label is removed, the remaining laser A4 sheet has information which has been printed through a printer that can range and incorporate details like product to pick, location and value, combined this can make it an invoice document.

An e-retailer will receive an order and payment either over the phone or electronically, most e-commerce sites would then laser the forms from a suitable desk top laser or inkjet printer. They would then locate and pick the products ordered and paid for, box the purchased item or items before fixing the shipping label with the customer’s name and delivery address to the carton. The remaining packing slip is inserted in the package, ready for dispatch.

This type of process saves time and costs and in many cases replaces the need for "Document enclosed wallets", here are some of the organisations which use integrated labels:

o Mail Order Houses - Mailing companies

o Catalogue Firms

o Internet Sites - e-Retail

o Warehousing Centres

o Distribution Centres

o B2C and B2B Companies

o Fulfilment Centres

The delivery address label or return address label can be any size within an A4 laser sheet and can be multi labelled too - it can contain a label within a label. Currently there are a few online stock sellers of integrated labels and most can provide a bespoke item. This is a label in any position which would suit your software and print out positions, or Litho print details through a printing press. This could include corporate logos, terms of business or returns details.

Whether you are running a dispatch process or own your own business, integrated labels could benefit you in terms of costs and improve efficiency.



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Posted on September 25, 2018