Click-N-Ship Price Increase: Your Alternatives

With 2016 price changes, Click-N-Ship is getting more expensive.
On January 17th, 2016 the USPS removed online prices and simply has retail pricing for their Click-N-Ship. Here is a small breakdown of the USPS pricing structure:

- Retail Pricing – the price you at the post office
- Commercial Base Pricing – the online price for postage
- Commercial Plus Pricing – this is the pricing tier designed for businesses who ship a certain quantity on an annual basis


What does this mean for you and how can help?

It’s an important distinction that there are two types of postage with the USPS: We have international and domestic. Most online services and the USPS itself will only give commercial base pricing for all international shipments, and international postage is considerably more expensive than domestic. With, we are going to provide the lowest international pricing on the market with the following discount rates:

10% off Priority International

13% off Priority Express International

For all domestic postage, we will be giving you Commercial Base Pricing, which is lower than Click-N-Ship. VIPparcel believes that customers come first, so you will always be finding savings by using our service.  


What options do you have?

Option 1: Use our service through one of the many integrated partners that are listed on our website. Many offer a specific solution for all types of business models.

Option 2: and offer a PAID service that has a monthly fee. and can also provide a Commercial discount that depends on your volume.

Option 3: You can sign up with us directly and get all of the great rates without having to submit your volume information, but if you do have a large volume, we also work closely with all business. Most importantly, there are no commitments to work with We do not have a contract, monthly or annual fees. You only pay for the discounted postage!


As evidenced above, is dedicated to bringing you the most up-to-date information about the latest changes in the world of online postage. Customers come first to us, and you can count on to keep you informed and provide the best possible prices with no hassle to you.

If you have any more questions, please don’t hesitate to give us a call at 1-844-PARCEL5.




Posted on February 11, 2016