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Create a Professional Impression With Shipping Labels

You have made the sale and generated the trust between your company and your customer so they have bought from you - now you need to deliver on the promises you have made and carry through with the professional approach and attitude to keep your customer happy. A happy customer is going to come back to you time and again for more business and existing customers are much cheaper to sell to than generating new business from scratch.

Using shipping labels customized for your business is an excellent way to demonstrate your customer commitment!

Generating shipping labels which clearly show where the goods have originated will help the mail or courier deliver the package on time and to the right customers. Any issues can be quickly resolved by the courier or logistics company you are using because your contact information will be clearly defined so in the event of any confusion, one quick telephone call and it can all be cleared up.

Shipping labels do not just have to be boring, printed address labels with a sticky back adhesive; use some imagination and look at what designs you can use to further enhance your brand image. Your branding and brand identity should be carried on from the point of initial contact with a prospect through to when they take delivery and your shipping label and packaging is the point at which your brand and the products collide in the possession of the customer. You really want your customer to see a well-packaged and clearly labeled package when they take delivery and which clearly identifies where the goods have come from and what they are - this should dovetail with your paperwork which you will include as part of the manifest or inventory so the customer can quickly check they have received what they ordered and what the package should contain.

When you are looking to source shipping labels you should be looking for a print and design partner who will be able to offer the following features as standard:

  • Free typesetting - don't be hooked in with hidden charges which are in addition to the print run cost and also be aware, your design is likely to undergo some changes over time;
  • Allows 2-color printing with a 24-72 hour turnaround time;
  • Perforates the labels for your easy use;
  • Low minimum order quantities not more than 500 per order so you don't get left with a stack of labels you can't or won't use;
  • Provides a wide variety of shipping label sizes and shapes to choose from; and
  • Provides for a range of manifest information to be added by computer pinfeed, typewriters or typewriter rolls so no matter what hardware you are using, you can get the labels suitable for your set-up.

The key issue is working with a print partner who knows and understands the practicalities behind your use of shipping labels and how they marry in with your existing business branding and logistics. Using an experienced print and design partner will help you build a brand identity from the inception of customer contact and carry this on right to product delivery resulting in a happy client prepared and eager to do more business with you.



Posted on October 23, 2018