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eBay Learning - Shipping Tips For eBay Newbies

eBay Learning - Shipping Tips For eBay Newbies

If you are new to selling on eBay, this information incorporates crucial tips on the subject of eBay shipping. No matters the items you are marketing, whether books, DVDs, CDs, collectibles or clothing, all listed items, except services, have to be sent to the buyer. Charges for getting the package to the buyer cause the most angst for newbies.

Best advice of experienced eBay sellers is to not charge for shipping. I know you've heard it; it's because buyers may cease bidding if they believe they will be overcharged for shipping/handling. On many occasions sellers have given negative feedback to buyers due to high shipping/handling charges.

Having said that, don't reduce your profits by not charging...or not charging enough, for postage and handling. Shipping costs are rather obscure: bubble wrap (or something similar), shipping envelopes, boxes, etc. are not cheap. The gas used in going to the post office to mail packages must also be added.

Due to tax time, some eBay sellers recently added up all those costs. They were unpleasantly shocked at the sizable deduction these costs took from their eBay profits over the year. You need to believe these costs really add up. Any experienced eBay seller can attest to this fact.

Is there justice for both Buyer and Seller?

1) Get some scales to weigh your package. It is surprising how much you can save by doing this. By just looking at the package you cannot guess the weight accurately. More than likely, you underestimate the weight. When you find out the package weighs twice what you thought, you are not too happy. Of course, the cost of gas to the post office is still a shipping expense but an advantage is you can avoid waiting in line since your packages will already have postage.

2) Large/Odd Size Packages. Actually, knowing the weight of the package is not the only factor in the shipping cost. Large and odd-size packages can add to the charges. You should consider these factors and list the shipping charges accordingly.

3) Make available to the buyer several shipping methods. Buyers who want their items quickly should be offered express mail. Regular delivery should be offered to buyers who want to save shipping charges and choose to wait a little longer for their purchases. Because it typically takes 8-10 days for an item to be received, the buyer should be informed. Express mail would still be an option should they decide they do not want to wait that long.

4) Go green and recycle. Local eco-friendly stores will welcome your recycling their boxes for your shipping needs. It will also save you the cost of boxes. Just make sure boxes are sturdy and presentable. Guarantee glass and fragile items are wrapped securely in adequate packing material.

5) Shipping/Handling Fee Acceptable. If the small handling fee you charge is what you are spending, it is acceptable. $1 to $2 added to the shipping fee is the nominal charge most sellers collect, depending on what the item is and what supplies are used. As you begin to sell more on eBay, these costs go up. Passing the cost on to the buyer is the correct thing to do as long as costs can be justified. To prevent future complaints, make sure you tell the buyer about the handling charge.

As long as you are upfront and honest about any handling charge, most buyers will be accepting. To get the accurate shipping cost or charges you can Check and compare US Postal Service postage rates for International & Domestic shipping with online calculator.



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Posted on October 1, 2018