eBay Selling Tips & Tricks - Shipping eBay Items to Customers

eBay Selling Tips & Tricks - Shipping eBay Items to Customers

If you've decided to stock the products you are selling on eBay (as opposed to drop shipping), you will want to leave yourself plenty of time to properly package and promptly ship items. 

No one wants a damaged or late arriving item.  When you first start, shipping probably will not be a big deal, but as your business grows it can get out of hand.  Thus, it is best to setup good packaging and shipping procedures from day one to avoid it becoming a problem later one.

For starters, you are going to want to keep boxes, stamps, and other packaging materials on hand.  You don't want to have to run to the store and post office every time you sell an item.  Postage and shipping supplies can be purchased on-line and delivered directly to your home, saving you a lot of time and hassle.  Additionally, free priority mail boxes are available from the post office and can be delivered to your home at no charge.

Padded envelopes are a great alternative to cardboard boxes.  They weigh less, are easier to work with, and usually cost less as well.  The lighter weight will save you a bit on postage, while their ease of use will save you time and effort. There are online shipping calculator’s available to check the charges as per the weight.

As you start to grow, you will want to purchase your own postal scale.  Weighing your items at home increases your efficiency and thus the scale will soon pay for itself.  Next you'll want to look into rubber stamps (for saying things like "Fragile" or "First Class"), address labels, and label making software. 

Not having to write out every address by hand is a major time saver.  On-line postage companies like Vipparcel.com offer the ability to print postage from your home computer on demand, in exchange for a small monthly fee.

All you need is a good plan and a little bit of organization for your eBay shipping to run smoothly.  Just remember to keep the quality up and your efficient shipping practices are sure to generate many return customers. 



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Posted on October 1, 2018