Finding Cheap Parcel Post Rates

When your business requires you to send out important documents and packages on a daily basis, chances are you are racking up quite an expense in courier fees. In these times when money is tight and a little money-saving is in order, you need all the discounts you can get, including parcel post rates.

There are many factors that can affect parcel post rates like what kind of parcel you want to send and where you will be sending it to. Factors that can affect the rates include the particular courier service you choose and whether or not you want the delivery expedited or within normal timeframes. Expedited deliveries will always cost more because you are requiring that your packages be put on priority so if you want to save on parcel rates, you need to send them ahead of time if possible and during off-peak hours to further slash the price.

First off, you need to choose a courier company that will best fit your requirements. If you're a small business operating locally, then it may be best to use priority mail or local courier services. This is also recommended if you don't need your deliveries expedited and so unlike international courier services which specialize in overnight and same-day deliveries, which means the facilities they use are faster and therefore, cost them higher as far as manpower is concerned, hence the higher rates.

Another thing that can affect parcel post rates is the size of the parcel you want to send. The great thing about courier services these days is that you can also do them online, where there are what are now known as discount courier services. These websites make use of middlemen who buy bulk postage slots from the big courier companies and then sell them to the public. On these sites, you can book a pick-up for the next day depending on how early you completed the delivery form or even avail of same-day pick up as long as you meet the cut-off time.

You simply select the service you want, add your address then the package details and then make the payment. They also allow you to know beforehand how much your packages will cost through a quick quote facility wherein you enter your location and zip code and the location and zip code of the recipient along with the package details and then click on the quick quote tab and voila! You get the option of using their services or trying elsewhere.

How you pack your items is also another factor that can affect your parcel post rates because as you know by now, couriers calculate the cost of your packages based on size and weight. You need to make sure you pack your items neatly as poor packing can void the courier insurance. You also need to make sure you measure and weigh your packages as accurately as possible as any misrepresentation in weight and size will require you to pay a surcharge.

And lastly, you also need to take note of the items that can and cannot be delivered as if there are items that are within their insurance coverage guidelines as any special requests can also mean paying additional cover charges. Always check the courier company's policy exclusions to avoid any extra fees you may not be able to pay.


Posted on November 1, 2018