Forget Dropping Books Off at the Post Office! Print Your Postage Online! – Seller Experience

I sell books online, but this concept can apply to just about anyone trying to make money online by offering a product either on eBay, Amazon or any other online sales venue.  I can't believe I am still hearing how people are going to the post office to send their books off to their customers.  It's just crazy!  Did you know you don't even have to leave your house?  You can schedule the USPS to pick up your books also!  It has saved me tons of time and frustration.  If you also have a full time job you will appreciate the time savings very much.

If you are a home business owner that fulfills orders on a regular basis you know just how much work it is picking, packing and shipping out your inventory.  I do this every single night so that my customers can get their products very fast and also to achieve a great feedback rating.  I already spend a considerable amount of time doing this and by printing all my postage online has saved my sanity.  To print postage online and get your merchandise picked up, you will need to setup a few different things that will, at first, require some learning but once you get the hang of it, it will make things worlds better!

Deciding how you're going to print your postage

You have two options to print your postage at home.  You can either print the postage on regular copy paper, use scissors to cut it out and tape it down to your mailers or you can purchase a label printer that will spit out the labels and you can then just slap them onto the mailer without having to mess with tape.  If you're just starting out and the money is tight you can start using copy paper and cutting the labels out with scissors.  I did this for the longest time, but I had no idea how much time it would save me if I just dropped down a few hundred bucks to get a label printer.  Printing out postage has never been easier as the labels simply peel off and stick right to the mailers.

Scheduling a pickup to your home

If you have just one priority package or international package, the USPS will pick up any number of packages at your home the next time they are by for free!  Once you get done packing all of your books, you simply go online to USPS's site and click on the Schedule a Pickup link.  Fill in the appropriate information and you're done.  This has saved me countless hours!

I hope that everyone that is still waiting in line at the post office reads this article very soon.  If you've never heard of printing postage online it will be a wonderful moment for you once you print out your first label.  It was for me!  Printing postage online does have a small cost to use the service and you can check the service you are looking at for more details, but to think of the gas and time you are saving by not having to go to the post office I believe it is well worth it.


Posted on October 3, 2018