How to Print Postage Online and No More Standing in Line at the Post Office

Do you know that you can now print postage online?

Instead of going out of your way and heading to the post office and wait in line, it is more convenient to get postage that works like a stamp through the Internet. Where can you avail of these?

Here are the more popular sites.

• USPS website. To be able to get labels you will have to create an account on the site, this is for free and you also get to receive free packaging tape and boxes that can be used for shipment.

• U.S. Postal Service's Click and Ship service. Registration is also for free and the site is user-friendly. Make sure to fill out the form correctly and enter all shipping details required. Using this Internet service is cheaper by 20% than going to the post office.

• Vipparcel online postage label. If you have an account with this Internet based payment system, you can use their service to print labels. Their site is also user-friendly and the information on how to go about printing labels is present on your account page. You can also use your PayPal account to directly pay for the labels and you are allowed to re-print within 48 hours at no extra charge.

There are other sites that are authorized to retail stamps and all you have to do is make a little research. Many of these sites are very easy to use and some even provide a free scale.

After the print postage online process, simply schedule a pickup for your parcel or give it to your mailman when he comes next. If you missed him, then drop your mail by the post office and you don't have to wait in line


Posted on August 28, 2018