How to Sell Internationally on eBay

With an eBay account, the world truly is your oyster.

When you start your online business and you begin listing on eBay, you can reach more customers by specifying international postage on the Sell Your Item form and paying a little extra for International Site Visibility, so your listing appears on other eBay sites. But there's another exciting way to do business worldwide - and that's by listing your items directly on international eBay sites.

Let's say that you are a seller in the UK who wants to do business with a drop shipper in the USA. Simply sign in to the eBay US site and start listing the drop ship items there!

When you click Sell in the navigation bar at the top of most pages on and create a listing using the Sell Your Item form, you can list your item for a Buy It Now price or Starting Price in US dollars rather than pounds sterling.

When your item sells on eBay US, get paid by PayPal (you can use the PayPal currency converter to convert the dollars balance in your PayPal account to sterling before you withdraw the funds to your bank account) and place the order with the drop shipper. The item will be posted to your buyer in the USA. Global trade from your armchair!

You can use your User ID and password to bid, buy and sell on most international eBay sites, including eBay Ireland, eBay Canada and eBay Australia, as well as other English-language sites like eBay Malaysia and eBay Singapore.

Different eBay sites have different policies and features. For example, a few years ago you could pay to feature your listing on the home page on eBay UK and eBay US, giving your item maximum exposure. This listing enhancement has since been withdrawn. However, Home Page Featured is still available on eBay Australia. Featured Plus, which puts your listing in a featured section at the top of the page on which it would normally appear, is also available on eBay Australia at the time of writing

eBay International Market, launched in 2010, caters for buyers in countries including Russia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Greece, Portugal, Finland, Denmark, Norway and Sweden. For your listings to appear on eBay International Market, you need to select the fixed price (Buy It Now) format and offer to post your items to these countries when completing the Sell Your Item form.




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Posted on November 7, 2018