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How to Sell Successfully on eBay with Reasonable Shipping Costs

Firstly, here are some important things you should know before you start selling on eBay:

1. Gallery Images DO Matter

Whether you're too lazy, you should really consider having at least 3 photos to showcase your item. High quality photos that are self-taken have more credibility and get higher sale percentages.

2. Detailed Description

Make sure you add everything about the item in your listings to avoid constant questions from potential buyers. Be as detailed as possible or simply put in what you know and make sure they're facts because the last thing you want is a bad rating under 'item as described'.

3. Reasonable Shipping Costs – Most Important

It is important to offer FREE and FAST postage and handling for items you know will sell well. However, for shipping overseas, I find it best to use the shipping calculator provided on Vipparcel. Check and compare US Postal Service postage rates for International & Domestic shipping with online calculator.

There are three main types of shipping services: regular, registered and express. Registered postage offers the most secure service because it allows the buyer to sign for the item upon delivery. Also, a tracking number is provided and if your mail gets lost, you can always track it down. This is the service I use because it is safe and reliable.

4. Return Policy

Your return policy should be clear and precise. However, in the case that your items are not as described, then consumer laws will most likely overrule it. Therefore, the buyer will have the rights to refund and you will have the rights for return of item. During the course of your selling spree, you will have unsatisfied buyers and the best way to handle this is to be super polite and give them clear instructions o n what to do in order to get a refund.

5. Second Chance Offers

If you've found a niche in the market like I have then you'd want to use this strategy for selling multiple identical items. Send second chance offers to all the highest bidders that you're willing to consider after an auction ends. I find this an overall great strategy for selling multiple identical items on eBay.

Finally, make sure you work out the following formula in order to profit from your sales:

eBay seller fees +

final value credit +

item cost +

postage/handling costs

= (x)

amount you sold item for - (x) = profit

Keep this formula and these tips in mind and you will have a great start to selling successfully on eBay.




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Posted on November 7, 2018