How to Ship Packages Using New Technology

While the Internet has made worldwide commerce much faster and easier, the logistics of completing transactions is now catching up to technology. There are new ways for entrepreneurs to send overseas packages without losing money on shipping or charging their clients high prices to do so. Online shipping services allow businesses to schedule pick-up and delivery through online services. This makes small businesses more efficient in the world of commerce.

One of the most significant ways it changes how companies operate is accessibility to shipping. It is now possible for those running small businesses to send merchandise to customers in other countries without leaving the shop. It is no longer necessary for one person to go to the post office during operating hours or on their lunch break while another handles the business. This reduces overhead and saves time, since one person can handle all of these duties.

Online services also lower the shipping rates companies must charge their clients. This helps them to stay competitive with larger conglomerates with their own shipping departments who use bulk rates. The ability to choose which carrier to use depending on the cost is a new idea that is cost effective. It can be done from one website, rather than the merchant taking the time to go to through each carrier for a separate price quote. It also eliminates the need for setting up multiple accounts with multiple carriers.

While traveling to the post office is often considered part of the job description of those in charge of shipping overseas, the employee is often not compensated for the mileage and fuel it takes to make the trip to ship. While most employees will not point this out to their employers, it may be a an issue for those who must add on the task to their daily routines. It can be a problem for those who have older vehicles or whose vehicles get poor gas mileage. By eliminating the hassle and expense of running errands for the company with a personal vehicle without compensation, these employees may be happier in their employment and be more pleasant to co-workers and clients alike.

Hours of Operation
For those handling shipping merchandise all by themselves in a small operation, this new option eliminates closing the doors early and heading to the post office since no one else is there to help. As a result, limits on hours of operation are lifted. Online labels printing and shipping orders can be placed at any hour of the day so online businesses can keep up with their orders. On a busy day, the time can be spent in the office, rather than traveling back and forth and waiting in line. This increases the number of packages shipped per day. It also increases the number of satisfied customers that receive orders quickly and on time.




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Posted on November 13, 2018