Increase Your eBay Profits by Selling More Items

Increase Your eBay Profits by Selling More Items

One of the biggest advantages of using eBay is the number of customers that see your auctions. There are other auction or want ad websites out there but none have nearly as many people visiting them on a regular basis. But why settle for customers looking at simply one of your items? Instead get potential customers to look at several of your auctions by posting them all around the same time, selling several similar items, and combining shipping for multiple sales.

One of the most important aspects of eBay is timing. In general auctions that end in the evenings on weekends have the most people watching them, and therefore bidding on them at the end of the auction. That means that for a 7 day auction it is best to start the listing around Saturday or Sunday after dinner. Even better, start all of your auctions around the same time so they all end at the same time.

People visiting your auctions can see other items you are selling with just the click of a button. If you list some auctions one day, more a couple days later, and the rest a few days after that then people may not see all of your other items for sale. There is also the added benefit that auctions that end at the same time are generally paid for at the same time. That means fewer balance transfers to make or checks to deposit and fewer trips to the post office.

When deciding what items to list this week remember to sell items that are similar. If a person is considering buying a computer game from you and you have the sequel, sell both. Even better, sell other games that are similar or produced by the same company. One nice tool to use for this is Amazon.

Search for the item you are selling and scroll down. Look for the area that lists what people visiting that specific page also bought. This can a great way to find out what people are looking for in addition to the item you are selling. If you list items that are similar, buyers will be more likely to click on and buy from multiple auctions at the same time.

Of course the best way to get customers to buy multiple items from you is to bribe them. Offer to combine shipping. Let buyers know that if they win auctions for multiple items you will allow them to pay a lower shipping amount than if you shipped those items individually. This has many advantages for both you and the customer. First it means a lower price for your customer which makes them more likely to buy from you next time.

It also means that they can receive both of their items at the same time. This reduces your costs and makes it easier to ship items. You will use fewer boxes, probably need less packaging, and probably spend less on postage. Consider using USPS flat rate boxes for this. They are priority mail so the items arrive faster and anything that you can get into a box will ship for a specific price.

Like any small business, you need to focus your sales when using eBay. Sure you may have the freedom to sell DVDs one day, baseball cards the next day, and stereo equipment the next day. But focusing on similar items will encourage customers to buy multiple items from you and may even help bring down your costs and reduce the amount of time needed to process the sales, prepare them, and ship your merchandise.

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Posted on October 2, 2018