On Demand Postage

If you are sick and tired of constantly making runs to the post office because you keep running out of stamps? Do you ship packages on a regular basis and need to take them to the post office because you have no idea how much the postage will cost?

If you knew how much postage your shipment would cost ahead of time, and you had the ability to pay for postage from your home or your office, would you do it?

Well, now you can, with on demand postage. You can buy postage directly online via the Internet at vipparcel.com and print them out directly to your own printer. You never have to leave your home or your office to pay for postage ever again!

All you need are:

- A computer with Internet access

- A US Postal Service approved metered scale

- Adhesive labels that meet the standard size requirements of the US Postal Service

- A printer (color is optional, black and white is fine)

Here is all you need to do:

1. Package your shipment

2. Weigh your package

3. Input the weight, the sending and receiving addresses, and the shipment method (first class, media mail, priority mail, express mail), the special options (insurance, certified mail, delivery confirmation) online.

4. Pay the required postage as calculated online, or, if you have prepaid, the amount will be deducted from your account balance.

5. Choose a design for your stamps, or design one on the fly!

6. Print your postage.

7. Peel the stamp off of the adhesive label and affix it to the package.

8. Call the post office to prearrange a pick up of your package.

9. Your local postal carrier will stop by and pick up your package.

And you did all this without having to waste valuable time making a trip to the post office!

By printing on demand postage, you can free up your time to work on other, more important tasks.

Plus, as mentioned above, you can print your own customized design for your stamps! No more selecting from the standard US flag, George Washington, or other generic stamps offered by the USPS! Now you can design your stamps. Print them out with your own logo, a photograph, or any other graphic design!



Posted on December 13, 2018