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Organizing Your Home Office - Tips For New Online Sellers

You may have started your business on the kitchen table but at some point in time you're going to need a home office. The benefits to a home office are many. A distinct place where you work will cut down on distractions and interruptions. There are also tax benefits you can enjoy by having a home office. Finally you'll find that you can be more efficient with your time and accomplish more. Let's look at the basics that you'll need.

  • A dedicate area where you'll work. You want a place hopefully off from the rest of the family where you can work without distractions.
  • A telephone line dedicated to your business. If money is tight think about using the distinctive ring option that your local phone company offers. You might also use a prepaid cell phone.
  • You'll need a computer and printer solely for business use. You might have to start with sharing the family computer and printer if you can't afford to buy another one right away. But as soon as you can get a separate computer and printer for your business.
  • You'll need a high speed internet connection. A dial-up is just too slow and you'll be wasting too much time. If you alright have DSL or cable high speed internet rather than buying separate service for your business if you're trying to save money. Setup a wired or wireless network. That way both computers in the household can be used at the same time.
  • If you're selling physical products that you'll have to ship. You'll need a mailing or shipping station where you can weight and package your items for shipping. Also take advantage of the many online services that allow you to print shipping labels and pay for your postage in advance. Some of these services are USPS, Vipparcel.com and if you're using PayPal you can print and pay for shipping labels through them. The advantages are many your packages look professional to your customer. You can just drop them off at the post office no standing in long lines or you can arrange for mail carrier pick-up. You'll need an accurate postal or commercial scale for your shipping station no bathroom scales please. You'll also  need an assortment of shipping supplies as well.
  • If you're carrying inventory you'll need a storage area to keep your merchandise. Make sure the location you pick is free from moisture, dust, dirt and is secure. Also get in the habit now of organizing your inventory so you can find items quickly and easily. So that filling an order only takes a few minutes and not a couple of hours.

Your online business isn't a hobby. Setting up a home office shows you're serious about success and will help you to reach your goal of a successful and profitable home based business.



Posted on November 1, 2018