Postage From PC - Security, Convenience And Savings

With the advent of electronic postage, it is now possible to determine the amount of postage necessary for a letter or package and print out the postage directly from your printer. This postage from your PC saves you the time and trouble from otherwise having to go to the post office to purchase stamps. Here are some other key benefits of this type of service.

Printing postage from your PC entails using an online program like to calculate the amount of postage necessary for a letter or package and then purchasing that postage electronically through your PC to an Internet company which is authorized to sell this kind of postage. Once purchase, the system is set up to print a special type of "stamp" directly to an envelope or package which the post office will accept.

This kind of system is great since it means that you don't have to use stamps and purchase them from the Post Office. You can determine the amount of postage necessary for a particular kind of shipment, pay for the purchase with a credit/debit card, and then print it out.

This kind of online postage can be scanned by USPS machines and are a perfect replacement for stamps. The use of PC based postage has many advantages. The first is you can determine exactly how much postage is required for a particular shipment by weighing the item and then entering the size, weight and destination into a computer program you run on your PC.

The system then determines (based on the type of service selected) how much postage is required. You only need to purchase just the right amount of postage and therefore save money by not having to guess and then possibly applying too much postage. In addition this type of online postage has the ability for you to enter shipping information such as the date of shipment and where it is going to.

In this way you can track multiple shipments very easily and then run reports on a regular basis to assess the periodic postage costs. You can also track where you shipments are going to. This provides businesses with helpful information concerning their postage costs.

This type of online postage has a great advantage in that there are usually discounts available on many types of shipping services. For example the cost to ship items through either priority mail or express mail from the Post Office to be as much as 10% lower than if you purchased the postage directly from the post office.



Posted on November 7, 2018