Postage Scale - Find Out the Exact Weight of Your Shipment

A specifically designed and sensitive device for determining the weight of items to be mailed is a postage scale. The weight is used in order to assure that the proper amount of postage is used and overall improves the efficiency of the mailing system. This helps to avoid paying for too much postage and ensures that one has not placed too little postage causing their item to be returned for correction.

Basic Designs

The postage scale has basically only two designs. One of these is the mechanical scale that uses a needle to point to the exact weight of an item after it is placed on the scale's platform. These are mostly used by businesses that are smaller in size because they are more cost efficient. However, over time the springs that operate these scales often wear producing an incorrect reading and must be replaced. Another disadvantage with this type of scale is the fact that the user must calculate the correct postage after obtaining the weight based on the current cost of postage.

Whereas the other design of scale is digitally linked into a database that provides the current postal rates. These also provide durability for a greater period of time. To ensure this type of scale remains accurate is necessary to update it electronically from time to time.

Additional Device

Businesses and some homes often own a postage scale of one design or the other and many find it beneficial to also have a postage meter so they may print onto the piece of mail or a label the amount of postage needed. The funds for this usually come from the users established account with the postal service.

Many find this a great time conserving tool as they do not have to frequent their local post office but simply drop their items in the mail. Business owners should always keep in possession a supple amount of postage in order for their postage scale to be a cost efficient tool. Periodic calibration of these scales can prove to cut costs also.


Regardless of the type of postage scale an individual may choose, most can be found at any office supply store. These office supply stores generally have a very knowledgeable staff who will explain the available models and their features. Some have on site demonstrations in order to better promote the items. Many online stores have a variety of models to choose from but one should keep in mind that they may be responsible for shipping and handling of these items.




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Posted on November 7, 2018