Print Postage at Home With Great Benefits Today

Whether you run a business requiring a lot of shipping or simply send out a lot of packages, it is now possible to print postage at home. Not only is it convenient and simple, but it is cost efficient as well. Here are some of the many ways you too can benefit today from printing postage at home.

Something a lot of people do not understand is how greatly you can benefit from postage at home. If you print postage at home, you still have the ability to take advantage of all mail classes including Priority, Express, First Class and Media Mail. The difference is you can take advantage of 2%-13% discounts on Express mail and Priority mail as well as 8% off international rates for Express mail and Priority mail.

If that were not enough, you can still receive package insurance for up to $250 while taking advantage of 10% discounts on this insurance. This allows you to guarantee the packages are sent safely without spending a fortune on package insurance.

And to further ensure your packages make it, you can look up shipments 24/7 from any computer. You have the ability to track shipping expenses, look at USPS acceptance SCAN forms, and take advantage of an easy-to-use reporting dashboard.

It has never been as easy as it is today to print postage at home. In a matter of a few steps you can choose an address from your address book, weigh the package, calculate and print your exact postage while taking advantage of countless discounts, and send it off. And with precise tracking devices, you can follow the package all the way to delivery. It really is as simple as that.

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Posted on November 1, 2018