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Print USPS Postage

Print USPS Postage

Never again will you ever need to waste your valuable time making trips to the post office, once you discover how simple, and fun, it is us to print USPS postage online.

You will never need to waste your time making trips to the post office ever again, once you discover how easy it is to print your own USPS stamps, and once you come to realize that you have a lot more free time!

To get started printing USPS postage you will need all of the following:

- Computer connected to the Internet

- A color or black-and-white printer (either one is fine)

- USPS-approved adhesive mailing labels

- A USPS-approved metered weighing scale

Here is all you have to do once you have secured all of the perquisites above:

- Package the item you want to ship.

- Weigh the package on the weighing scale.

- Input both the sender's and the recipient's mailing addresses, how much the shipment weights, method of delivery (eg - first class / media / priority /express) and your options (eg - certified mail / delivery confirmation / insurance) online.

- If you haven't already, you can design your company logo or you can import / scan your own photographs or graphic designs onto the computer.

- Select your customized design.

- Pay for your stamps online. (If you've already prepaid, then the postage amount is deducted from your balance.)

- Print out your postage.

- Peel your stamp off of the adhesive backing of each stamp.

- Affix your customized stamp to the package you want to ship.

- Call the US postal service to arrange either a one-time pick-up or a recurring pickup from your home or office.

- Simply hand the packages to your postal carrier when he or she shows up.

Printing USPS postage and shipping packages could never be easier!


Posted on September 19, 2018