The Post Office Ships It All!

A sitcom character challenged herself to make her soon to be brother in law open his eyes to the wonders of the United States Postal Service. She wanted him to fill awe and respect for the USPS. Her argument was the USPS can virtually do anything anywhere.

After attempting to send a fish bowl with a live fish in it with just a few stamps and an address she nearly gave up. The delivery person wouldn't accept the live fish. It is not hard to imagine why shipping anything that is alive may take more than a couple of stamps and an address. There are rules and regulations.

However, she wasn't far off by saying you can ship almost anything with the right amount of postage, a legitimate address, and some creativity.

This Christmas I was able to mail a gag gift to my brother through the post office. I sent him a cupcake inside a piece of paper that said Merry Christmas. I used one stamp and put his address on it and he received it just before Christmas. He didn't eat it because it wasn't in its original shape but it was nevertheless delivered. It may have had a little mold or something but other than that it was in tip top mis-shape.

There are many other stories about odd things that have been shipped. Some people have mailed bowling balls by writing the address on the ball and taping the postage to it. That may roll around in the delivery truck a little more than normal.

USPS priority mail flat rate boxes can ship anything that fits for one flat rate. It is not recommended to test the Post Office to see what will and will not be mailed. But for your business you can be sure that your package will make it to the final destination.

Who has the highest rate of delivery on the second or third try? The Post Office has a higher delivery percentage than both UPS and FedEx. This means that if your package is more likely to be delivered even if there are problems with the address or some other problem. The Postal Service truly does deliver when you need it most.

For fast and easy shipping use USPS priority mail flat rate boxes There is no need to worry about zones, dimensions, or weights under 70 lbs. Just make sure the address is right and you have the right amount of postage.

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Posted on November 29, 2018