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The Top Five Mistakes People Make When Shipping Wine

The Top Five Mistakes People Make When Shipping Wine

The following is a list of the top 5 mistakes that people make when shipping their wine collection:

1. They use the U.S. Postal Service. Never try to ship your wine through the USPS, unless you are planning to do so without them knowing. Shipping alcohol via USPS is not allowed. Because the USPS is an agency of the government, it is very strict on the matters of alcohol shipment. Wine will usually be treated as contraband. If and when they find it, it may be impounded for use at the USPS's next Christmas party.

2. They use private couriers haphazardly. Even though private couriers allow the shipment of alcohol, FedEx, DHL, and UPS require the shipper to conform to all federal, state and local laws concerning wine shipment. This involves properly labeling the package for identification and handling purposes and filling out a number of forms.

3. They don't know the laws. Laws on the shipment of alcohol vary from state to state. Despite the repeal of the Prohibition in the early 1930's, the shipment of alcohol can still be looked down upon by state governments. When shippers don't learn the laws of their states and the states of their buyers concerned in the shipping of wine, they could end up breaking some rules. Although being charged for it is unlikely if you are only sending a few bottles, you may not get your bottles back easily.

4. They ruin the labels on the wine bottles. Labels on expensive wine bottles are almost as important as the liquid grapes themselves. As any business owners will confirm, packaging is everything. Too many times when a collection is packaged, the labels get scuffed, torn off, wrinkled, or even water damaged. Always take care when packaging your grapey goodness to ensure the wine is protected.

5. They do not contact the right people. Shipping wine without contacting the right people to help guide you through the process will often end with bad results. If you don't know the stock market, you wouldn't buy or sell $150,000 worth of stocks, would you? The same should be so with vintage spirits. Find a trusted wine buyer online via a Google search or advertisement and get a quote for your wine. If the price and terms are right, find out from them the best way to ship your wine. If they're reputable, they've probably done it a thousand times. There's never been much value in re-inventing the wheel.

Avoid these problems and you should have a pleasant shipping experience.



Posted on September 27, 2018