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The USPS Strives for Excellence in the Environment

The USPS Strives for Excellence in the Environment

The USPS is making changes to become a more green friendly organization.  They have also invested large amounts of money to give us better service at a better price.  They are becoming more and more competitive against FedEx and UPS.  

Packaging materials used by made by the Post Office are free to the public and are certified cradle to cradle material.  Cradle to Cradle is a certification that shows that all of the materials used are safe for humans and the environment.  I this certification claimed by any other shipping company?

You can visit the USPS website to find a link to determine how large your carbon footprint is.  It may surprise how many letters can be sent with the same carbon footprint that you can cause with a 3 minute hot shower.

The United States Postal service is also on the leading edge of all government agencies with regards to the environment.  They are actually the "first federal agency to publicly report its greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and to receive third party verifications of the results."  It is great to see part of the government anticipate the needs or our community and act on them before they are required to.

The Post Office has also been making some big news in New York.  They built the largest green roof in the city.  This roof is supposed to save hundreds of thousands and maybe even millions of dollars in energy savings, pollution reductions, and less emissions.

This is not a political editorial or a sermon on picking up your own trash.  There is no question that the explosion in the human population over the last century has had a massive affect on the planet earth.  

It is a fact that the United States Postal Service is very proactive toward becoming a "green" or earth friendly company.  Regardless of your political opinions it is refreshing to see any organization taking responsibility for their own actions.

It is also impressive that the Post office has been using electric vehicles for many years.  They currently operate the largest alternative vehicle fleets in the country.





Posted on October 4, 2018