The 'Why' And 'How' Of Doing Packaging Services

Packaging refers to the packing of materials for safe and easy transportation purposes. Few packaging companies even take care of the delivery process of goods or products they pack, especially products that are to be exported through shipping. Packaging services are done for commercial purposes which include packaging of items of all sizes - from small to large ones. Large corporations, companies, military and federal governments seek the help of packaging companies for packing and moving their equipments, goods and machinations.

Packaging Services generally vary depending upon the type of products or equipments that are packed. Cost of any packaging service also depends upon the type of the packaging done. For example, delicate products need extra care during packaging. Products that are to be shipped have to be packed differently; large or odd-shaped products require specialized packaging while electrical items need to be packed with static prevention packaging methods etc. Some packaging companies offer customized packaging services that include packing goods in printed boxes of special sizes.

In some cases, packaging service providers also offer insurance for valuable assets. If an item is lost or damaged while packing, its product value is reimbursed.

Proper packaging is highly essential for the following reasons:

  • Helps protect products while they are in transit, especially during exporting
  • Is cost effective
  • Protects products from external damages such as dust, harmful rays etc.
  • Minimizes package weight
  • Proper packaging leads to safe handling of products/equipment

There are different kinds of packaging available for different items. Some types of packaging are listed below:

  • Protective packaging
  • Moisture Barrier packaging
  • Rust Prevention packaging
  • Humidity Control packaging
  • Pharmaceutical packaging
  • Shrink Film packaging
  • Eco friendly packaging
  • UV rays and Static prevention packaging
  • Government packaging
  • Military Packaging

Every packaging requirement varies according to the product or equipment packed. Different items have different requirements, norms and conditions. For example, Military packaging generally requires, Moisture Barrier, Static and UV rays shielding and shrink wrap packaging. In addition, they require proper bar code label according to the military norms. Similarly, Pharmaceutical products have different packing standards.

Packaging also plays an important role in promoting the business by increasing the brand image, product safety and help gaining easy recognition for the package. In a nut shell, different industries require different packaging services. They have their own rules and standards for packaging.



Posted on November 13, 2018