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Tips for Mailing Jewelry

One of the key elements of a successful jewelry business is to be able to sell the pieces everywhere, no matter the distance. In this way, you can grab a huge market, not just the people living around your town. This will surely make you and your jewelry wholesaler very happy!

To be able to conduct long distance sales, you must ensure your mailing system is safe, easy, inexpensive, and efficient. Luckily, this is possible, as jewelry is a lightweight product that can be packed easily and mailed with minimal postage.

- First-class mail will cost you less than $1, and you can safely pack the piece inside a zip lock jewelry bag and put it into a cardboard gift box. Then, put the gift box, packing slip, and a business card, in a small bubble mailer. All these provide great protection for the jewelry.

You can order bubble mailers, tape, and other supplies, through the Internet and save a lot of money.

- Priority mail is another good way to send jewelry. It takes around two or three days for a person to receive the order through this method and it is fairly inexpensive.

You will get free priority mail boxes from the post office, and in different sizes, which is very convenient. You can fill the boxes with crumpled paper, recycled packaging peanuts or bubble wrap.

- In regards to the postage, you can use USPS.com or Vipparcel.com to buy and print your own at home without having to go to the post office and wait in line. You can mail the package from home, insure it and have a delivery confirmation included.

- Do not write any jewelry related word on your return address if you do not want the package to be stolen; stick to your first and last name. The same goes for packages that are sent to you. Never specify that your business is selling jewelry.




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Posted on September 18, 2018