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Top Reasons All eBay Sellers Should Offer International Shipping

If you are an eBay seller and are not offering your products to international customers, you are missing a huge part of the eBay buying market.

Here are a few reasons why you should offer international shipping on your eBay listings.

1) eBay has over 175 million users worldwide.

2) 49% of the eBay users shopping on the USA site are located outside of the US.

3) Supply is an issue in other countries. Consumers may be able to afford the products; however, the goods may not be accessible. Consumers worldwide look to the USA to find products that are abundant.

4) International customers have an affinity for American products such as Levis Jeans, Ralph Lauren clothing, American food products, children’s toys, electronics, and digital media such as CDs and DVDs.

5) eBay and Paypal handle all the language translations and currency conversions for you. When selling to an international customer, the checkout and shipping procedure is virtually the same as selling to an American customer.

6) Adding international customers to the bidding pool increases the number of bidders, number of bids, and the final selling price. Their presence will help drive the price higher, even if they don't win the item on auction.

7) International customers frequently purchase gently used items. They recognize quality and understand that high quality items are durable and hold their value. Again, supply is a problem for many international customers and they are usually thrilled to receive a quality item in EUC condition.

8) International customers often purchase more than one item at a time from the same seller to take advantage of shipping discounts.

9) International customers return as repeat buyers. Once an international customer finds a seller who is accommodating, he will return again.

10) International shipping is easier than you think. A simple form available from USPS.com, or your local post office, is all that is needed. Most online postage programs allow international postage to be printed at home for example Vipparcel and they have best discounted rates available at their site. . You can drop the package in a mailbox, or schedule a pickup from your mail carrier.



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Posted on August 27, 2018