USPS Postage Online

Why make a trip to your local post office when you can buy USPS postage online, print your own postage, and even request package pick up directly from your business or residence?

All you need are:

  • computer with Internet access
  • printer
  • printer paper
  • weighing scale
  • packing materials

In this era of self-service automation, we have self-service bank teller machines and self-service grocery checkout lanes. Now we have self-service postage and package delivery management.

Everything your postal workers behind the counter at your local post office would have done for you, you can now do yourself at home or at your office if you purchase and print USPS postage online. You would never have to visit your post office ever again, not to buy postage, not to have your shipments packaged and weighed, and certainly not to pay for custom postage or delivery options.

All you have to do is:

  1. Package your shipment.
  2. Weigh your package.
  3. Log onto the Internet and input information about your shipment such as the sender and the recipient address, the weight of the package, the delivery method, and any delivery options (certified mail, delivery confirmation, or insurance).
  4. Pay for your postage online.
  5. Print your postage onto your printer. You can use adhesive printer labels or you can use regular paper, which you would cut out and paste onto your package. Or you can feed envelopes directly into your printer and have the shipping labels and postage printed directly onto them.
  6. Contact the USPS and request a local mail pickup from your location.

Buying and printing your own USPS postage online is an excellent way to boost your productivity and save time.


Posted on November 29, 2018