Choosing the Right Shipping Label for Your Needs

In times passed there was no such thing as a shipping label. When you wanted to ship something out it was wrapped in brown paper, either in a box or not, and on the paper you wrote who it was going to and where they lived. Many times it only included the person's name and the last town they were known to live in. But in today's world with so many things being shipped around the world it became a necessity to have a proper label on the package to ensure that it got where it was suppose to go.

It is also no longer necessary to have someone print shipping labels for you or your business because printers can now do the job at home or at work. What type of labels you use depends on the type of printer you will be using to print the labels. You can either purchase kits with pre-designed labels of certain sizes or you can find programs on your computer that you can install to make custom labels.

Most businesses and homes have a printer that is either a laser or inkjet. For either of these two printers it is best if you use a product that already has the shipping labels in sheets that enables you to print off one label at a time. You can find these types of sheeted labels in a variety of colors so you do not have to stick with white shipping labels. If you are printing shipping labels for your business it is best to stick with white labels because they look more professional. Before purchasing these packages of sheeted shipping labels you need to read the book to make sure they are for your type of printer. Some of them are for only laser printers. These labels can have a removable or permanent adhesive.

You can even purchase labels that are made from materials that have been recycled. You can even get shipping labels that are on weather resistant polyester stock paper. These are good because they are resistant to cold and rain making the label readable no matter what the weather.

If you have several packages to mail to one customer or business you can also copy the shipping labels instead of printing them out but make sure that can be used in a copier because some of them are not meant to be copied. You can also purchase direct thermal labels which are to be used in industrial or desktop direct thermal label printers. These particular labels do not require any ribbon or ink and are heat sensitive.

Some businesses have thermal transfer printers in which you need to make sure that you are using thermal transfer labels. If you need just one or two shipping labels it does not really matter which type you use but you need to make sure that the pen or marker you are using to hand write the label is water resistant and will not fade if it should get wet.

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Posted on August 31, 2018